Tiktok Zoom Effect With Hands

The pinch to zoom tiktok effect or we can say the zoom effect using hands, which is this effect for now, it’s viral, guys,,

It’s okay for tiktok beginners to use this tiktok effect so that the video follows TikTok FIP,,,

Well actually getting the effect is quite easy, my friend, but sometimes there are also those who can’t use this effect,,

Usually it depends on the android version, bro.

How to get the tiktok pich to zoom effect is very easy,

First, my friend must already have a tiktok account, I think this, my friend must already have a tiktok account

Then if you already have a tiktok account if you want to use the filter it’s very easy,,,

The first way

1) my friend, open the tiktok application,,

2) then my friend click on the search icon

3) then click on the search icon and type in the name «pinch to zoom»

4) then select a video that uses these effects,

5) then click on the effect section usually on the left of the video,

6) after clicking, you will be given a menu of several videos that use these effects,

7) to try it please click on the red menu «use this effect»

8) if you want to save the filter, click on the save «favorite» section, the effect will automatically be saved in our tiktok profile

9) to see the effect has been saved or not click on our profile section

10 Select the menu in the menu like the sample label in the image below

Then my friend just select the «effect» menu and the effect will be saved in the menu,

If you want to use the effect immediately, click on the song camera icon, use the effect,,

So that’s how to get the pinch to zoom tiktok effect, hopefully this article is useful and thank you