Tips & Effective Ways to Repel / Kill Termites

It must be very annoying if your house has a lot of termites. Termites are known as wood rodents and will eat furniture made of wood, such as cabinets, chairs, beds, tables, etc. These termites will eat wood by giving enzymes in their mouths which cause the wood to rot and be easily digested by termites. Of course, the presence of termites in your home causes economic losses because the goods or furniture in your home are easily damaged by these termites. Although in their natural habitat, termites are very useful for the continuity of the ecosystem, namely by destroying or helping the weathering of wood so that it easily becomes soil. Some termites can change shape into winged insects and usually come out when it rains, these insects are more commonly known as moths or moths. Laron is an indicator or often proves the change from dry season to rainy season.

As with most types of insects, termites are social animals or live in groups. According to the wikipedia site, termites are still married to ants, so it’s no wonder their behavior is almost the same, and in English, apart from being called termite, they are also often referred to as “white ants”. Termites nest in and eat wood furniture or house frames, causing a lot of economic loss. So there are many ways to get rid of termites or kill termites in the house, so here are some: effective way to repel or kill termites in the house that often eats furniture or items made of wood:

Effective Ways to Repel / Kill Termites

Soapy water/detergent
Almost all insects do not like soapy water/detergent, so you can use detergent/soap water to repel termites from your home. it’s very easy to stir soap / detergent in a little water then spray this liquid on termite nests or areas where termites often pass. Thus termites will die or move to other areas to find food.

Kitchen salt
The kitchen salt that you usually use as a cooking spice can also be used as a powerful ingredient to repel termites in your home. The trick is to stir salt in water and use this liquid to spray termite nests or places frequented by termites.

Kerosene / kerosene
Kerosene is also very effective in repelling termites from your home, just apply or spray it on the termite nest and the termites will go away from your house.

Tobacco water
Rembakau water contains a toxin / poison, namely nicotine. This poison is powerful enough to kill termites or termite. How to make it prepare a handful of tobacco then stir in water and leave overnight so that the poison in the tobacco can be mixed with water, this can be seen the color of the water becomes brownish. Use this water to spray termite nests or directly spray it on the body of termites that you meet, the termites will die because of the toxin content in the tobacco liquid.

Rice water
When you wash rice for cooking, there will be white liquid used for washing rice, now you can use this liquid from washing rice to repel termites, just spray it on the termite nest and the termites will stay away from your house.