Tips & Effective Ways to Repel Snakes From Your Home

If your house is near an open land such as rice fields, bushes, fields, gardens or forests, chances are your house can be entered by snakes. Like my personal experience, my house is close to rice fields and once there was a python entered my house and ate a pet bird that I was swamped with since I was little, it was very annoying, of course. I immediately killed the snake and threw it away, even though snakes actually help the sustainability of the ecosystem by eating insects, frogs, and other small animals, but there are also several types of snakes that can grow up and eat chickens, goats and even humans.

According to the Wikipedia site, snakes are one of the most successful reptiles in the world. So it is not surprising that you can easily find these reptiles in several areas such as mountains, forests, deserts, lowlands, agricultural land, residential areas, to the ocean, where snakes can be found. Snakes are carnivorous animals, they prey on various types of animals smaller than their bodies. Tree snakes and land snakes prey on birds, mammals, frogs, other types of reptiles, including their eggs. Large snakes such as flower pythons can prey on goats, deer, deer and even humans. Snakes that live in the water prey on fish, frogs, tadpoles, and even fish eggs.

In general, snakes are grouped into 2 types of snakes, namely venomous snakes and non-venomous snakes. Snakes do not have the sense of hearing and eardrums, do not have the privilege or sharpness of the senses of the eyes or ears. His eyes are always open and lined with a thin membrane so that it is easy to see movement around him, but cannot focus his gaze. Snakes can only see clearly at close range. The senses that are the mainstay of snakes are the scales on their stomachs, which can catch the vibrations of the steps of humans or other animals. Snakes do not smell prey through their nostrils, but use their taste buds to detect rot in the air.

Effectively Repel Snakes From Your Home
Ok, more about snakes, if you find a snake it can be in the yard of the house or it can be in the house then, and if you try to catch, kill or repel snakes then you need to know the following:

  • Don’t panic or try to make sudden movements or this will provoke the snake to attack you, most snakes will attack only if the snake feels threatened or pressed, so slowly back away until you reach a safe point out of reach of the snake if you suddenly encounter it. snake.
  • When you are in a fairly conducive range and try to catch the snake, try to observe first whether the snake is a venomous snake or not. Read our other articles about “how to tell the difference between venomous snakes & no”. If it is a venomous snake, then undo your intention to catch it, better get rid of it or ask for help from someone who is more professional or can also be a snake charmer.
  • If you really want to catch it, then do things that feel safe, such as using gloves, trousers and other protective equipment such as eye shards because there are several types of venomous snakes that spray their venom. How to catch it by using a rope trap, tongs or you can just use a vessel to cover or confine the snake.
  • Or if you just want to get rid of it then use this long-handled tool to keep you out of the reach of snake attacks.
  • To prevent snakes from entering your home, what you need is to clean your house from animals that attract snakes to come such as rats, frogs or other insects in your home. Also make sure to clean your house from dark and dirty areas such as piles of goods, scattered items, piles of gravel and others because snakes generally like dark and quiet areas.
  • The myth is wrong if you sprinkle salt then the snake will run, it is not related at all because snakes are not slimy animals that are afraid of salt, but snakes are scaly animals and that makes snakes not afraid of salt.
  • By using a stinging fragrance such as perfume or air freshener it will make snakes run, if in your room there is a snake then spray perfume or air freshener and close the room and leave a small gap or hole for the snake to run, now on the expression of the gap or hole You can place a sack to catch the snake.

Well maybe the method above is how to kill or repel snakes in your home and the most important thing is if you find it difficult to repel, catch this snake then contact the animal control officer immediately and if there is none then ask for help from a professional person in overcoming this, because catching a snake that you do without sufficient knowledge can endanger your safety.