Tips for Achieving Success & Success

Achieving success & success – Achieving success & success is not easy to get or achieved easily and even very difficult. But difficult does not mean impossible to do because everyone has the same opportunity to succeed and succeed and they can get it if they are willing to try. Success and success does not mean always in terms of material, success can mean success in studying (college, education), career, achieving something, success to improve yourself and so on.

Success and success can also be achieved and obtained not only for those who are rich, who have a lot of capital, are beautiful, handsome, etc. Many can be a reference for you from how the conditions of these people are lacking but can motivate themselves and turn their shortcomings into advantages that deserve praise and high appreciation.

Jan Koum is a very poor person, even so poor that he and his mother (a widow) live on the streets begging to just eat, let alone go to school or college. However, Jan has the determination that success can be obtained through hard work. As a result, he taught himself computer operating systems and web developers only used the old computer he bought when they moved to the United States, and as a result, he found WhatsApp and was acquired by Facebook for a fantastic value of trillions of rupiah. .

Mark Zuckerberg, although he graduated from Harvard in the field of computers, but he is not a rich man before, he managed to find and start Facebook in the garage of a boarding house with his colleagues when he was a student and as a result, the largest social media in the world and in 2009 was bought at a price of 400 trillion , then how the price is now with the number of users more than 2 billion users.

Richard Branson owner of the Virgin Group (a group of hundreds of companies) he did not graduate from high school and started his business empire from the record label Virgin. Well maybe that’s a bit of how these people motivate us that shortcomings do not prevent us from achieving success & success, here are some tips on how to achieve success.

How to Achieve Success & Success

Work hard
No success or success will meet you without you working hard. Success and success are a mixture of formulas and one of those formulas is hard work. Many say that smart work is better than hard work, even though this opinion is misguided, the two are indeed an inseparable formula if you want to be successful. You work too hard but don’t use intelligence or you work smart, think extra but without hard work to make it happen it will just be an intention or a will without any action.

There is no surrender
Giving up is a word that may not be “appropriate” if you are determined to succeed and succeed. Success is a delayed failure, right? If you keep trying and trying and improving by learning from mistakes then success and success will be yours. And actually there is no “fail” in trying, as long as you are still trying, trying and not stopping what you are doing.

Forgive your past failures
Julybe you have a gloomy past or failure in your past, but don’t let it worsen your condition. You have to keep moving forward and make your past failures as a mirror for your vehicle. You may look back every now and then in the rearview mirror just to make sure you are going right and going forward better after you look back. The past or your failures in the past are your lessons for moving forward.

Get rid of obstacles by overcoming them
You don’t have to avoid that problem, if you are used to avoiding problems, then when the time comes for problems in your life and you are stuck, you can’t avoid them, you will actually fall and can’t wake up. Success is a result of how you solve each problem and learn from it. To be successful and successful there will be many obstacles, obstacles and trials and that is a sure thing. One of the things that most often makes people stop trying is the evaluation of people, their talk, suggestions and temptations.

You can’t stop other people from judging or thinking about you. You really can’t stop bad talk from other people’s mouths, but you are given by God 2 hearings that you can close for things that are not good for you to hear. You do need constructive criticism from people who have proven successful and successful, but don’t let the harsh criticism of others stop you from moving forward.

Be patient
All processes take time to make it work including success. To achieve success and your success requires a long process, obstacles and trials. Try to think that even someone to be old enough has to go through infancy, childhood, adolescence, just entering adulthood. You can’t force a newborn baby to become an adult directly, it takes time and a process and if you follow the process one day you will become an adult. Similar to success, you cannot force what you are trying to do to succeed immediately and success takes a lot of process and time to make your struggle successful and advanced.

Your own success makes it
Boost your self-confidence, enthusiasm, bring out all your abilities, think extra, and everything that needs to be done for success and success. Because you alone can realize and make it a success. Others do contribute and may have a duty to succeed, but it is you who must build the foundation of your own success. You are the only person who can create your own success and success while someone else may be the one who will help contribute to developing your success.

Don’t compare yourself to others
Comparing yourself with other people really needs to be done to assess how you can imitate or learn from successful people before you. This will motivate you to work harder in turning your hopes into success, but don’t compare yourself to others in a negative way… This will actually make you feel inferior and stop your steps. doubts and negative sides will arise for your success. well than you compare in the negative side like:

“Obviously he is more successful than me because he is blah..bla..blah..(handsome, beautiful, rich, has capital, has power, higher education)” then it’s best to compare it with positive statements like “If he only graduated from high school I can only be successful, why can’t I, who graduated from college, I have to be able to…”

Pray & Donate / spread success
A person who spreads his happiness and success with others then God will multiply for him happiness and success. No one who gives charity or charity falls into poverty, on the contrary they will be happier and more successful. We are social beings who cannot live alone without other people, Sharing success and happiness will make you understand the meaning of life better. Praying besides getting closer to God in carrying out your obligations as a religious person, praying is also a way to motivate yourself to act and think better because people pray that no one prays for worse things.

So the article about tips on how to achieve success and success, is it really long? Hehehehe … of course you have success and success tips based on your own experience, let’s help others get motivated with your success tips by commenting or you can send your success motivation to share with thousands of our friends readers of this blog, thank you.