Tips for Approaching Girls & 100% Success Gets His Attention

Tips for approaching girls – Approaching girls is simple – simple is difficult hehehhe… it’s not wrong that many people say that girls are tame tame pigeons, they look tame but when you approach them instead of getting closer they fly away hahahaha… This time the team will share some tips on how approach a girl and successfully get her attention.

Women have more sensitive feelings and are more sensitive than us as a guy, so you have to be extra patient, try extra and a few tricks to get his attention. Actually it’s just a matter of comfort, if you can make a girl feel comfortable around you, let alone get her attention, getting her heart will also feel easier. So, here are some tips for approaching girls and successfully getting their attention:

Approaching Girls & 100% Success Getting Attention

Just the way you are
The first trick to approach a girl and get her attention all you need to do is appear as you are, you don’t have to be someone else to get her attention. The reason is that women who are really good will get your strengths and weaknesses, and both as smart as a squirrel jumps will fall too hehehehe meaning that as smart as you are good at covering yourself up and being someone else to make a girl look old, they will also know who you really are. So make sure to be yourself, believe in yourself and show what you are.

Don’t be in a hurry (be patient)
To get a girl’s attention, don’t be in a hurry to get the attention of the girl you approach, let alone force them, instead of being interested in you, you will be left behind. As I said in the above point that the woman is like a tame tame dove, you don’t force it to approach or try to catch it… just provide food in your hands then the dove will approach you by itself without you having to bother catching it. approach slowly but surely don’t look aggressive, show your confidence as a virgin who can protect, nurture, make you like their friend and take the next step.

Intense communication
After you manage to get a little closer to the girl, continue to try intense communication. Communication will build their trust in them, they will judge you by the way you talk so make sure you always speak the truth, don’t make it up just be yourself and show your confidence. Women prefer virgins who have high self-confidence. A few tips, try to interrupt your communication, maybe via sms, phone, fuel… chat or chat privately to seduce him a little, but keep in mind, you know, don’t look too seductive or talkative. The way to approach a girl so far is fifty-fifty so proceed to the next step to approach a girl and make her interested in you.

Well if you have carried out communication and seduction of your death hehehehe then prove your seduction with the attention you give to the girl you approach. No matter how hard or clumsy women are, they will lose or fade with attention, as if you know that women are very sensitive and think about everything more about their feelings than their logic. You can offer attention by taking him to romantic places, always asking how he is and so on. But keep in mind, you know that attention is not the same as curbing or limiting their movements or privacy.

Next is up to you
Hahaha at this stage please continue on your own hehehehe… If you have presented yourself with your confidence, have carried out intense communication to create better intimacy and you have offered attention then at this stage you should have received full attention, if not, maybe not your luck hahahaha, try again and if it’s not yours, there are millions of good women out there anyway.

Ok maybe that was our first article about how to approach girls and successfully get their attention, if you have personal experience about how to approach girls, please share your information with other readers by commenting in the comment box provided.