Tips for Approaching & Melting Tomboy Girls

Approaching a tomboyish girl – Everyone has a different “interest” in finding and finding the ideal woman. Most youths always want a woman who shows the feminine side in her, but not a few youths are actually challenged to get a tomboy girl or more often called a tomboy. Tomboy girls have been quite synonymous with male-like appearances, in fact almost all tomboyish women can be said to have a “male-to-male” side. Although this kind of girl actually still has a feminine side, but in her daily life her character almost has an attitude like a boy.

This tomboyish girl is generally synonymous with the female character who is hard, dressing perfunctory, synonymous with short hair pieces, and her attitude is more like the “male” character than the female side even though she still has a feminine side in her. Are you trying to win the heart of a tomboyish girl, then you are on the perfect page that will discuss a little about how to melt and get a tomboy girl. So here are some tips for approaching and trying to get the attention of a tomboyish girl:

Tips for Approaching Tomboy Girls

Approach Through His Personality
Well if you try to approach and try to get this tomboyish girl then forget the trick or how to get a girl like most. Approaching tomboyish girls is generally more difficult than approaching women in general. So the thing you have to do to approach this tomboyish girl is to know her personality and character first. Knowing their personality can be by seeing what hobbies they like, by knowing the hobbies they like it will be easier to approach them and establish a friendship with them.

Never Change It
The most common tomboy women have a nature that does not like to be controlled or asked to change their appearance. Never try to improve his appearance because this will only drive him away from you. Accept it as it is if you really intend to approach this tomboyish girl. Never demand that he has to be like what you want let alone comment on his habits, the way he looks, his clothes or his personality.

Don’t seduce her too much
It’s true that almost all women like to be seduced with sweet words, even tomboyish girls need attention and pride from a man (if he stays normal). But you have to realize if the form of attention you want is not like other women. Give reasonable attention but you should not overdo it because it will only drive him away from you. Likewise when you want to praise him. To make the type of tomboy girl fall into your arms then you should not approach her like a girly girl, but don’t have to seduce her too much or she will think your seduction is just a “cheat seduction”.

Be a real man
A tomboyish girl like her character is generally only attracted to men who are really “men”, meaning don’t show your weaknesses when in front of them. If you are interested avoid offering signals, if you like it then say it in private, not via sms, phone or social media.

Understand her situation
If you really intend to melt and get the attention of this tomboyish girl then you must be able to understand what her habits are, what she doesn’t like etc. This kind of girl is like saying once you have to understand what to do, if you make a mistake, this tomboyish woman is rarely able to forgive you.

Lastly, you have to be patient
Melting and winning the heart of a tomboyish girl takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of time and process. Not only because it looks like they’re signaling you immediately “shoot it”, it could be that you just misunderstood.