Tips for breaking up with a boyfriend without making him hurt

Tips for breaking up with a boyfriend – Every correlation that is built is not necessarily all successful. Sometimes you also have to stop not to continue the correlation in a further direction, of course for relevant reasons. Many do not continue the correlation in a further or more serious direction with the most common reasons being as follows:

  • You don’t find comfort or things that make it better
  • You meet someone who you think is wrong, and only now do you realize it
  • You want to be serious and more determined for the future process (college, career)
  • Your boyfriend has bad habits and can’t give up his bad habits
  • etc

If you know that your boyfriend is wrong for you, then it’s time to end the relationship. So, whatever your reason for breaking up a relationship, of course, you have the desire to break up in a relationship but not break up in a friendship, right? Of course you want your relationship to end, but don’t expect one of the parties to feel hurt or hurt and be able to continue the friendship. Well this time I will share a little about how to break up with a boyfriend without making him hurt as quoted from the famous relationship site, Here are the tips:

Tips for breaking up with a boyfriend without making him hurt

Be honest with the reason you want to break up
Explain why you want to break up with your boyfriend in detail and honestly. If you are honest with the reason you want to break up with your boyfriend then he will understand and understand that maybe that is the best path that you both choose and all parties can accept it well. Breaking up with a boyfriend for reasons that lie or are not clear and convoluted can only make him angry, hate you and hurt. Before breaking up with him, make sure you have thought about it carefully so you don’t regret it in the future. Being honest and open with him about your reasons for ending the relationship will help both of you to come to terms with it.

You also have to take firmness after you think carefully about ending a relationship. Most people often make mistakes when breaking up and give the wish that the relationship might have a future again someday. Avoid giving your ex-boyfriend false wishes as this can hurt them. If you have thought carefully about ending a relationship then you must also be firm with your decision, if you still show desire this will only hurt feelings and create more hurt for him in the end.

Talking & ending correlation in a good way
Avoid breaking up by phone, sms, fuel or social media sites. Be sure to take some time alone and talk about this decision in a friendly manner. Ending the relationship over the phone or social media this will only make your ex hurt, appear callous, impersonal and rude. Talking with your boyfriend privately, verbally and in a good manner will show him that you value the relationship between the two of you.

Think clearly
Make sure when you disconnect, your mind is clear and not in an emotional state. And make sure before you decide to talk about your breakup, you’ve thought carefully beforehand. This will help you carry out the conversation well.

Choosing the right location
Be sure to choose a quiet and perfect location when you want to discuss the decision to end the relationship with your boyfriend. Breaking up can create a very emotional situation. You can talk about it at home or in the corner of the garden. Don’t take her to a romantic place this can lead her into the flow that everything is fine between the two of you.