Tips for Caring for Agate Hopefully Shiny & Sparkling

For those of you who like to collect agate, of course, there are unique ways to treat this agate so that it looks shiny and shiny. Agate which is currently becoming a trending topic in many online media makes me join this hobby of collecting agate hehehe because many agates have beautiful and striking colors that are not owned by many other types of stone. Yes, apart from that, I also like to collect agate because it’s a pretty lucrative business opportunity too.

Ok, back to the topic of agate care, generally with the aim that the texture, color and sheen of the agate are maintained properly. There are many ways that you can do to keep this agate shiny and shiny by using materials that are quite easy to find around us. Everyone must have their own way to keep and care for their favorite agate shiny and shiny. Well, here are some recommendations from many agate collectors for agate care to keep it shiny and shiny:

Caring for agate to be shiny & sparkling

Using diamond powder
Diamond powder is widely used by agate traders to keep their agates shiny and shiny. Caring for agate is usually polished using a special material, namely intense powder. This powder is a small gemstone granules with various types of grains. It was explained that generally agate traders and collectors use diamond powder to polish their agate using the softest powder, usually 0.025 microns in unit. It is smeared until it is really shiny and the impression is indeed proven, but if you look at the price, the price of the agate polishing material itself is relatively expensive. The size is only two grams, usually sold for IDR 100-150 thousand. But for your favorite agate, it doesn’t hurt to try it!

Using bamboo
Yes, the use of bamboo to polish agate has been done by both agate collectors and traders. However, there are some online media that show the wrong tutorial on how to polish this agate. Actually, to care for the agate to maintain the sheen of the agate, this is done using young and wet bamboo. How to take the inner bamboo skin that is still damp to rub this agate, try to prove it for yourself.

Using klaras/dried banana leaves
Many dried banana leaves or klaras are also used as agate polishing media. The trick is to directly rub it into your agate and please note that claras or dry banana leaves are best used to polish or rub agate that has quite dark colors such as black, brown, red, green and other dark colors. Meanwhile, for light/bright colors, moisten dry banana leaves or klaras first, because agate with a light color has a texture that is more susceptible to scratching, by wetting the claras first, it will make agate with a light or bright color, it will be more shiny and shiny.

Using thick cloth
Yes, the use of a fairly thick cloth such as cloth material from jeans, carpet, and velvet you can use to shine your favorite agate. Apart from fabrics made from such materials, you can also use used leather.

Aluminum foil
Well for those of you who like to smoke, you can use aluminum foil packs on cigarette packages to smooth your agate to make it more shiny and shiny.