Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is known as the best website engine out of all. The reason is that not only sites with blog types can be created, but users can also create online stores, portfolios, and others using WordPress.

To publish a WordPress site to the public, all you need is a domain and hosting. And for the first time, you can use the service shared hosting which are widely available on the internet. But some of them have different prices depending on the specifications selected.

In this article, I want to share tips for choosing the right hosting for the WordPress site that you are going to publish. So you don’t make a mistake in choosing a hosting package and can continue to manage in peace.

Tips for Choosing Hosting for WordPress

Some of the things that are shared here will include the hosting specifications that will be used depending on the website needs later. And these tips are more specifically for users who just want to create a WordPress site.

1. Disk Capacity and Bandwidth

Generally, shared hosting usually provides disk or storage space of 10GB, it can be less or more. Meanwhile, bandwidth or quota is higher than disk, or even unlimited.

You can choose it according to the needs of the site later. For example, if you want to create a site wallpapers or sites that store a lot of files in it, of course, will require more storage space and also high bandwidth.

Meanwhile, if it is used for personal blogs, then the low specifications are not a problem.

2. Check Hosting Service Reputation and Quality

Before buying a hosting package, it is highly recommended to do a little search on the internet regarding the reputation and quality of the hosting server. Because in some cases, there is hosting that has poor quality, such as unstable and frequent servers down.

So it’s a good idea to check reviews from customers first before buying it. Anticipating is much better than being disappointed later.

Some hosting services also provide fairly transparent information regarding managed servers. kind of maintenance, downtimeetc.

3. Know the Quality of Support Services

Apart from the quality of the server, you also need to know the quality of the support or service services customer service which is available. Most hosting services provide support for 24 hours non-stop.

Because there are several hosting CS he is indifferent to customers, and this needs to be avoided.

Because who knows one day your website has a serious problem on the server side and must be repaired immediately so as not to lose visitors. Therefore, the role of a wise and friendly support service is needed.

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4. Try the Control Panel Provided

Some web hosting provides access (demo) to the control panel to manage the website later. And most premium hosting uses cPanel which has easy navigation to manage various things, related to WordPress installation, domain, SSL, and others.

You can contact the support service to access the demo control panel they provide. And if you feel navigating on the control panel feels easy, then don’t hesitate to buy it.

5. Price

Lastly, what you need to consider is Price. You can choose the price according to your budget, usually the average shared hosting cost is 50 thousand rupiah for a month with sufficient specifications.

Meanwhile there is VPS hosting which has a much more expensive price twice, but it’s worth it because the servers are not shared and are only for websites that you manage.

Some hosting services sometimes provide promo for the first year, of course the price will be much cheaper than paying every month.


Creating a WordPress site is easy, but choosing the right hosting server is a little tricky. Apart from looking at the specifications, you also have to look at some of the things I shared above so you won’t be disappointed later.

Julybe you have other tips that you want to share with everyone, you are very welcome to share them in the comments column.

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