Tips for Cleaning Oil Stains In Your Garage / Carport

In the carport or garage the most common problem we experience is the number of oil stains that make the garage look dirty. Oil stains can come from oil dripping on the car and make our garage look dirty with oil stains, especially if we rarely clean it. Oil stains are usually very difficult to clean, leaving black stains on the garage or carport floor. Actually, there are simple tips that we can use to clean up oil droplets or spills in our car garage in an easy way.

Oil stains caused are sometimes difficult to clean, especially if you use concrete in your garage or carport. Now this time I will share a little about how to simply clean oil stains on the garage or carport floor in our homes in an easy way, namely by using baby powder.

  • The first step is to wipe the floor that is on the floor first using a used cloth or patchwork of cloth that is not used.
  • Then, dab enough baby powder on the floor that is stained with oil and spread it over the area where the floor is stained with oil. In this process the powder will function as an absorbent for the oil spots. Leave overnight. Then the next day, sweep the baby powder and wipe the floor again with the garage floor using a clean used cloth or using a thick tissue to clean the oil stain residue that is still left and not absorbed by the baby powder.
  • If the oil stains begin to disappear, wash the garage or carport using water that has been mixed with detergent, then rinse with warm water. Do it repeatedly if necessary until the oil stain is completely gone from the garage or carport floor in your home.
  • Your garage floor will be hygienic and shiny again, good luck.