Tips for Coping with Growing, Stiff & Unmanageable Hair

Hi sister… this time I will share about how to naturally treat frizzy hair, stiff and unruly. Having curly, stiff and unruly hair is an annoying thing, especially if we have to attend seminars, wedding requests, date or hang out with friends. Capricorn is very annoying of course. Hair that expands, stiff and unruly can be caused by many factors such as problems with hair such as dry hair, split ends, curly or fluffy hair to a lack of nutrients needed by hair, but it can also be caused by genetic factors.

Well for get rid of fluffy hair, stiff and unruly, of course we are looking for ways to make hair easier to manage and softer so that the hair will look healthier, smoother, softer, not tangled and easy to manage. Some ways to overcome this are doing the right things needed, and nourishing the hair with the aim of improving the condition of the hair. Some ways to care for and how to deal with stiff and unruly hair are as follows:

Tips for Coping with Growing, Stiff & Unmanageable Hair

Avoid using inappropriate hair care products
Using a hairdryer to dry your hair, using a vise to straighten your hair, coloring your hair with chemicals and using an incorrect shampoo can cause hair problems such as easy hair loss, split ends, hair damage, stiff, fluffy and unruly hair. So make sure you avoid hair treatments that can cause damage to the hair, but if you really have to use it then use it occasionally, not too often.

Nourish your hair
Nourishing can be from the inside and outside, from the inside, then consume foods that contain many nutrients needed by hair such as protein, vitamins C, E, K and minerals found in milk and its products, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. As for nourishing from the outside some good ingredients that make your hair smoother, shiny, soft, and healthy such as aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, milk, honey, eggs, castor oil, banana, papaya, almond oil etc. You can use these materials for hair masks, just choose one that is easy for you to find or use.

Using conditioner
Conditioner is used to soften hair. So that the hair becomes stiff and easy to style. Avoid environments that can cause hair to become damaged. Such as a lot of pollution, powder or exposure to direct sunlight. Because it can cause hair to become dry, branched and difficult to manage.

Consume lots of water
When you lose body fluids and lack of body fluids, the production of oil that protects hair follicles from exposure to sunlight or free radicals will decrease. By consuming water, body fluids will be maintained properly and consuming enough water every day can help healthy hair growth. So that the hair is not dry. Make sure to drink 8-9 glasses of water (1.5L) / day.