Tips for Creating a More Photogenic Face When Taking Selfies

Tips for taking photos to make your face more photogenic – Here are some tips for those of you who like to take pictures of yourself (selfies) or in groups (group selfies) either for collection or uploading them as fuel dp, facebook profiles, profile photos of other media sites or just want to print and display them in your room. Photographing humans, especially close-ups of faces, sometimes turns out to be inappropriate, it requires special tricks to make your face more photogenic, both through make-up and poses when taking pictures.

Well this time I will share a few tips on how to make your face look more photogenic when taking pictures through posing tips as quoted from photographer Peter Hurley via the site. Peter Hurley is a world class photographer who is a photographer for various magazines, electronic media and online media. Here are some tips to make your face look more photogenic:

According to Peter, one of the fastest ways to make any client look cooler is to strengthen their chin line. The trick is, make your face or the person you want to model, slightly lean forward when asked to pose for a headshot. Do not let the position of the face attached to the neck, because it will clarify the crease of the chin. Look like the image below:

Peter Hurley made their chin line look more powerful and bright in profile so that from left to right they each look more elegant just because the chin line is arranged in such a way. Look like the image below:

Tips for taking photos to make your face more photogenic Tips for making your face more photogenic when taking selfies

In addition to the easy tricks that I convey as above, some other tips to make your face look more photogenic when taking pictures are as follows:

1 Photo models do have faces that are quite attractive in proportion to their proportionally tall bodies. This is why models make good money — because they have to look just right every time. Well, what about those of us who usually only have a standard face or face with a standard body shape and height also like me hehehehehe… well here’s how to fix it so that your photos look more photogenic without image editing protection like photoshop:

  • So that your body looks taller then take photos from a low angle
  • So that your photos look slimmer and taller, make sure your whole body is included in the photo frame
  • For the sake of looking longer legs, put one foot in front of the other when photographed
  • Choose pants with a high waisted bottom
  • Take long strides when taking photos in a walking pose. This will make your legs look much longer than they actually are.

2 The left side of the face generally looks more attractive when photographed, at least, according to a study published in the journal Experimental Brain Research. In this study, it was observed that the pupil size of 10 people who saw photos with 2 different types: photos showing the right side of the face and photos showing the left side of the face. As a result, most people who looked at photos showing the left side of the face showed signs of dilated pupils (a sign of interest in something.) They also said that photos showing the left side of the face looked much more attractive than photos showing the right side of the face.

3 If the subject’s head has a little hair (less thick) or even bald hehehhehe, take your photo from a low angle (the camera is slightly up) and if you use additional lighting, try not to have any light sources reflecting off.

4 Shift the face slightly to the right or to the left every time you want to take a close up or middle close up photo. Sliding your face allows your cheekbones to be exposed, giving your face a precise contour. If his face has a lot of wrinkles or a lot of pimples, use a light source that is directed from the front, not from the side. Light coming from the side will highlight the texture of these wrinkles.

5 Now it’s different when you stand, when sitting take photos from above. The same goes for when you’re in a studio shot that requires you to be photographed sitting down — ask the photographer to place the camera over your face so you’re the one who has to move your face to face the lens. A high angle shot will expose your jawline more brightly so that (again) it can show the right contour.

6 If the face of the object has big ears, adjust their pose so that only one sense of hearing is visible and try not to stand out. If the face of the object does not disappoint, adjust the pose so that it looks oblique to the right or left, but not straight to the side, just slightly tilted.

7 So when you want to take a photo so that your face looks more photogenic then try to smile, of course, smile that is not forced and looks natural. how to smile naturally and look not forced, here are the tips:

  • close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath
  • Open your eyes before the camera shutter sounds, or right before your finger hits the “capture” button
  • Smile!

So, those are some tips for posing to make your face more photogenic or more familiar with the camera like a model hehehehe, well if you have experience on how to make your photos more photogenic then share your experience with thousands of readers of this blog by commenting in the comment box provided or If you find this article useful, please share it on social media under the post. Thank you