Tips for Creating Knowledgeable & Smarter Children

Which parent is not proud if their child excels, has above average abilities with good behavior and has a smart brain.

Every parent wants their baby to grow up to be a healthy and intelligent child. They have a brilliant brain and have inspired brilliant ideas, and all of this you can get from your upbringing starting when they were babies even when they were still in the womb. So, for parents who want to create and educate their children, hopefully they will grow up to be smart, brilliant and healthy children, here are some tips:

Tips to Make Kids Smarter & Smarter

Train it while still in the womb
yes you can train your baby while in the womb by managing your stress level well, based on several studies of mothers who can manage their stress levels during pregnancy will give birth to babies who are excited, active, healthy and don’t give up easily. In addition, when you are pregnant, listen to instrumental music or classical instrumentals such as Mozart or other music, this refers to several studies that show when in the womb, mothers often listen to instrumental music can increase the brain power of the baby you are carrying.

Give breast milk
Breast milk is the right nutrition for your baby, especially in the early days of birth, when 1-3 days of birth, breast milk contains colostrum (coloustrum) a powerful antibody substance so that when he starts to grow his body’s resistance to disease will be strong so they not easy to get sick, in addition to strong nutrition and antibodies, research also shows that babies who are regularly breastfed have an IQ (level of intelligence) 20-30% higher than those who are not breastfed at all.

Talk smart to your baby
Even though they can’t speak yet but at that time they are listeners (good listeners and very responsive) and they have a proficient response through their verbal so they will accommodate what you are talking about in their brains even though they can’t speak yet. So talk smart not just be funny, try to talk by mentioning or calling their name, use clear complete sentences, ask questions about something and watch their verbal and watch their intelligence as they grow.

Tell a story
As explained in the point above that when they are babies they have a response and a way of learning to catch something that is conveyed very well, so tell stories either using books or privately and this will increase their vocabulary and develop their skills in language learning. There’s no reason it’s too early to read stories to your baby because your baby can’t talk yet.

Join the chapter in the game
Follow and take part in the game they like like “hide and seek” you cover your face and open your palms and say “wow sister can find Mother” and see what verbal they can show.

With music
Listening to songs will increase their knowledge and vocabulary in understanding something but make sure you listen to songs with your baby, not songs that are rhythmic or loud. Try singing along to unique songs that your little one understands like the lizard on the wall or my balloon.

Practice music
When they get older and start to understand something, teach them or practice music lessons. Practicing musical skills according to researchers from France said it would be able to increase his IQ level. With music, children will be able to catch the direction of other people’s speech, catch the meaning of what is conveyed and develop nerves in certain examples in children’s brain waves.

Take care of their health
Research shows that children who are rarely sick have higher intelligence than children who are easily infected or sick easily.

Develop their curiosity
Every child must have certain talents and interests in a field, your job is to share their interests and talents.

When you familiarize your child with breakfast, the child will grow and develop to be smart, this is related to the concentration of learning that is obtained when they get breakfast with healthy nutrition. When they get the morning advice they will be more focused and concentrate on the lessons given besides that they will quickly catch the lessons given.

Provide proper nutrition
A child’s brain is like an empty hard drive on a computer so when they are given the right data they will easily accept it. make sure their brain and body get proper nutrition. One of the nutrients that is expected to increase brain intelligence is omega 3 fatty acids which help activate areas of the brain that encourage concentration, and are proven to improve children’s thinking power. Provide nutrition for omega 3 fatty acids and DHA found in marine fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, mackerel, dairy products and processed products such as cheese and yogurt as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Educational toys
When they play is their way of understanding and grasping everything, so make sure you offer your child educational or educational toys such as puzzles, sudoku games or strategy games, chess or crosswords, give them pride and rewards for completing them, then that is the best way to make your child’s brain. Also make sure not to let your children watch TV too long, it will make them lazy and of course negative impressions that they can’t really accept enter their minds. According to some researchers, children should watch 2 hours of TV a day and that is enough.

Research has also shown that warmth in the family and ongoing stability is important in cognitive function and skills in children

Regular and consistent sleep
Sleep will be very good in developing children’s thinking power and abilities, including in terms of understanding, children’s memory, how to solve problems and how children make decisions. so make sure your child gets a good, consistent sleep. In addition, make sure that your child’s emotional state is always awake and stable and this is very important to manage their stress levels in a stable level.

Learn about nature
Yes, the outdoors is very good in developing your child’s thinking and brain power, Learning to know and love nature will help improve children’s brain function, So make sure to take your child for a walk in the fresh nature for at least 30 minutes every day to improve your child’s thinking skills.