Tips for Creating More Lasting Smartphone Battery Savings

Tips to make your smartphone battery last longer – The more features that exist on smartphones, this makes this gadget easier for users. With this smartphone you can use service features that help you in everyday life such as surfing the internet, calling and texting, connecting with relatives or friends via social media, using multimedia such as music and video, navigating your trip so that it is easier to use. GPS, keep an eye on your home or place of business through the service of the security cam feature and other things that make a lot of your life easier.

So maybe the smartphone cannot be separated from your grasp every day, now this time I will share a little about how to make your smartphone battery more durable so that it does not interfere with your activities or activities related to the use of this smartphone, as quoted from dailymail and, here are tips to make your smartphone battery lasts longer:

  1. Make sure you know the ability or battery life of your smartphone well. That is, must know how much effect the battery when the phone is used continuously, and how long the standby time (standby). By understanding this, you can know when is the right time to charge the battery. Don’t just think you don’t want to run out of your smartphone’s battery so you always charge the battery even though the battery is still in the range above 50%. Too much charging your smartphone battery will make battery life weak easily.
  2. The best battery capacity, hopefully, should be within the following limits: Strive for the battery to be above the 50% position and below 100%. That means good timing and can make your smartphone battery last longer, so try to charge the battery when the level is below 50% and immediately unplug the charge when the battery is full or 100%. Charging the battery continuously or leaving it connected to electricity when the battery is at a full level (full) 100% will shorten the power of your smartphone battery so that your battery is easy to drop or the storage power is weak.
  3. Use Auto-Brightness so that your phone can adjust its own light conditions at certain times and places. Setting the screen brightness at a high level eats up battery life. Likewise with smartphone settings that are equipped with a “push” feature for synchronizing e-mail or accounts on the internet. Use manual sync hopefully can save battery.
  4. Optimize settings on your phone. Example: Some applications must run with always connected to the internet such as e-mail or even GPS services. We recommend turning it off when not in use because it quickly drains battery life. Turn off running features or applications if you don’t use them.
  5. If you are in a difficult place to receive a signal, use Airplane Mode or Flight Mode. The phone will always look for a signal to be connected to the network, so in certain places this makes the phone work harder. As a result, of course, requires more energy from the battery.
  6. Do not store your battery or smartphone in temperatures that are too hot such as on the dashboard of a car, near the engine or other hot places or direct sunlight. Do not also store batteries that have high humidity or are too watery, this can weaken the battery’s storability. There can also be a short circuit when water gets into your battery (rain, gets into water, etc.).