Tips for Dealing with a Grumpy Girlfriend

Overcome a cranky girlfriend – Dealing with a girlfriend who is cranky does make us go awry. If we are left alone can make them more angry or they will think we are not paying attention. But if they pay attention or ask what things make them cranky, they usually don’t answer things that make them cranky. Nagging or being “fussy” may not be due to our behavior towards them but can also be due to external factors so that they are carried away by feelings so that the effect can also affect us as well.

Nagging can also interfere with the relationship between you and your partner, disrupt the relationship, or create tension between the two of you. If your boyfriend is the type of person who gets cranky or cranky, maybe you can help him. This will give you the ability to calm his mood and help strengthen your relationship with him. Here are some ways to deal with a cranky boyfriend:

Tips for Dealing with a Grumpy Girlfriend

Knowing the reason why he is sulking
Try to ask things that make them angry with you. Many things can make your boyfriend cranky and make them cranky, maybe it’s not because of your behavior towards them. Changes in boyfriend’s mood can also be caused by external factors such as work problems, family problems or hormonal conditions such as menstruating because women when they have “monthly guests” they are usually more sensitive and more easily emotional. By knowing the causes that make them cranky, you can find ways to deal with your cranky boyfriend.

Don’t fight
Understand that mood swings such as cranky, cranky, irritable are not always a sign that you have angered him. As I explained above, his mood swings could be caused by other factors. Spend more time with them and engage them in more conversations with you which makes them more comfortable and brings out what makes them cranky or makes them angry. When chatting, try to listen more than talk, don’t confront, interrupt or talk off track. Listen to what they are talking about and when it’s time for you to talk, talk slowly about what they want, is there anything you can help them with etc.

Ask questions and be a good listener
What’s wrong or something is making him cranky? Ask him, and talk slowly and comfortably so that he can express what he’s feeling, what’s making him cranky without criticizing or judging. The point is to earn her trust and to help calm her down.

Give him more time
Give him more space to be alone, as he may just need time to gather his own thoughts and feelings. Give them space to be alone first but still communication must work such as asking how they are via sms, fuel or social media. And when they’re ready to tell what’s bothering him, he’ll ask you to meet him.

Give them comfort
Comfort is one of the things that makes your boyfriend feel quiet with you. When your boyfriend is cranky make them as comfortable as possible with the attention you give him, let him know you are there for him and will show him whatever makes him comfortable to help lift the mood and make him happy again. If he’s moody or upset or cranky, you can buy flowers for him, give him a surprise, a romantic dinner or anything that makes them comfortable guaranteed that the sulking will go away. Tell him to let you know how he feels or he needs from you to help improve his cranky mood.