Tips for determining a good & comfortable residence or area to live

Choose a comfortable home or residence – My house is my palace, yes those words are true, no matter how far you go you will still miss coming home right? Home is a place where we will return after a day of activities, a place where you can rest comfortably. Julybe this time we are still living with our parents or are still renting a house and do not have your own house or dwelling, but of course you have tried to start a plan to be able to buy or build your own house. Well this time I will develop a few tips on how to determine a good and comfortable residence or house for your family.

We all need a place to stay to take shelter, rest and gather with our beloved family. And of course we all want that the house as a place to live should be able to provide a sense of security, comfort and feel at home in silence for long in it. A house is a valuable asset and object for us because we all want to have a house, not just for a while, right? We need a house or residence that is comfortable and conducive for you to live in with your family or loved ones. Having your own house is everyone’s dream, but to own it sometimes takes a long time and careful consideration because the house you buy may be one of your most valuable and profitable assets.

Choosing a good & comfortable residence or place to live

Here we will develop the perfect way to determine a good and certainly comfortable home for you to live in:

Location of residence or place of residence
Location is a vital thing that you absolutely think carefully before you build or buy a house. Location is an investment asset for you, so it is very important to determine the perfect location for your residence, so here are some criteria that might be your consideration before buying or choosing a place to live:

  • Make sure the location of the residence you will choose is free from possible events such as landslides, floods or other disasters (although events can arrive at any time) but it is very important to choose a safe and comfortable place for your residence.
  • Make sure the comfortable residential location you choose can be reached by vehicle or a location close to public accommodation such as roads, schools for your children, hospitals, supermarkets where you shop, locations that have easy sources of clean water, close to where you work, terminals, tolls or other public accommodation. Well, the location is of course expensive and maybe you object to the large funds that might be needed to buy it, so you can choose a residence that is a bit far from the location or public accommodation, but the most important thing is to have an easy route to reach the public accommodation.
  • The residence you choose makes sure the environment is comfortable from crime, psychologically conducive for your family members to live in and of course safe from noise or disturbing sources that are too close to factories, garbage dumps, locations near cages or other sources of noise. You want a comfortable residence and make you feel at home, right?
  • Look for a place that has a beautiful, conducive and comfortable environment to live in. A good area can make the atmosphere of your home environment good too. Public facilities are very important to support your life, be it places of worship, shopping places, or educational institutions. If there is no adequate public accommodation, then the time that you should be able to use to enjoy your dream home will run out on the road, because it is a long distance to reach the public accommodation you need.


  • Facilities are also of course your consideration to determine a comfortable residence or place to live, here are some accommodations that you may need to consider:
  • Easy and hygienic water source (in my experience the water is easy but cloudy)
  • Good sanitation.
  • A house that has a wide enough space, although not big
  • Unpolluted home environment etc

Adjust your financial ability/budgetA comfortable home is not always synonymous with an expensive price. If you are observant in determining and looking carefully at the location, it is impossible for you to have a comfortable and quite complete house in terms of accommodation at an affordable price. Therefore you need to reconsider your financial capabilities with the price of the house you choose. If you intend to buy a house by means of a KPR (House Ownership Credit), you need to pay attention to the interest and the amount of installments per month. Don’t let the credit you have to pay every period suffocate you and you forget about other needs for your family.

Payment system
In general, there are 2 payment systems for housing or housing ownership, namely the cash or cash and credit (KPR) system. If you have saved and have enough money for it then it is very good to buy in cash. But if you want to immediately get a house with insufficient funds, then you can use the second method by way of credit or in installments, all you need is a down payment. But make sure you can pay the credit bills that are charged and don’t get you into debt or problems that may arise. You just need to adjust to your needs and financial capabilities.

Home Design
The design of the house also needs to be considered before you determine a good and comfortable residence for you to live. Don’t let you re-spend unnecessary costs to renovate or renovate the house just because you don’t like or are bored with the design of the house. Pay attention to the design of the house that you will choose. A house with a modern minimalist design has artistic value and results in satisfaction for everyone who owns it. Usually houses with modern minimalist designs are relatively more expensive. However, it is possible that you can have a house with a modern minimalist design at an affordable price.

Developer or Developer
Pay attention to the track record of the developer or developer you will choose before you really decide to decide on a residence or house. Look for one that has a good track record so that problems don’t arise in the future, whether during the payment process, legal process, certificate, development process, or when you occupy your dream home.