Tips for Determining the Perfect Hosting Service For Your Website

Tips for choosing the perfect hosting for your website – There are thousands of web hosting companies in this world and it will continue to grow as the number of users or web owners increases. Web hosting is a service that essentially connects your site to the internet. So, of course, you as a website owner, be it personal or business, must have thought about careful planning to determine the perfect hosting for your website. Because reliable web hosting will greatly affect the success of the web that you are standing or managing.

Make sure that the hosting company you choose supports your business needs and does not create unnecessary obstacles to the success of your website, you must first understand the main types of hosting. Then, consider some basic criteria to help determine the best plan for your web hosting. So here are some perfect tips for choosing hosting for your web needs:

Tips for Choosing a Hosting Service

Customize Hosting Needs
You can never find the perfect web host without knowing what you need. The need for hosting services may be answered with the following questions:

  • What type of site are you building?
  • Do you need Windows apps?
  • Do you need a special version of the software (eg PHP)?
  • Does your website need special software?
  • How big (or small) is your web traffic volume?

Competition for web hosting companies that are increasingly mushrooming makes the price competition for this hosting service even cheaper. But you also don’t be tempted by cheap prices but also cheap or unsatisfactory services. make sure to choose a web hosting service that fits your budget, a little more expensive doesn’t matter as long as the service provided is satisfactory.

Customer Testimonials
Customer reviews can be an excellent resource to help you choose the web host you choose, please go to an agency that discusses the best web hosting that satisfies many customers. That way you can also exchange experiences with other host service users.

Customer support
Even more experienced business web owners need service support especially for web owners who are new to building their websites, of course you will need a reliable customer support team before you choose your web hosting to help with any difficulties or obstacles that may occur. When you get customer protection or support services it minimizes the potential damage to your business. Look for a web hosting company that provides 24/7 phone support, email channels and online chat. Before executing the plan, test each of these features to get a feel for how well your needs will be met.

Storage and bandwidth
As more hosts are starting to say limited disk space and bandwidth, this may not be a concern for your business. But it’s still important to be aware of the limitations to ensure that your plan has enough space for your website to operate effectively.

Script Support
Another consideration is support for popular web scripts. Say, for example, you want to run WordPress on your website. Some hosts say built-in script packages make installation of this popular blogging platform a breeze. Other hosts limit the number of MySQL databases that can be created, which you will need to run WordPress and other activities.

Record Server Uptime
Nothing is more important than having a 24×7 operating web host. That means your website will operate stably and with minimal disruption. You need a web host operating on a powerful server and a stable network connection. 99.5% and above i.e. uptime score is recommended; anything below 99% is unacceptable.

Addon Domain
Most webmasters have dozens of domain names. To host this domain, you will need extra hosting space. And this is why it is important to have a hosting account that allows adding multiple domains. Generally, most hosting companies allow at least 25 addon domains in one account, always check the capacity of the domain before you make a purchase.

Server Upgrade Options
A shared hosting account should be sufficient to support a perfectly optimized WordPress blog with 30,000 – 40,000 unique visitors every month. However, if you expect your website to grow enormously in the next two or three years, then you should consider picking up a web host with room to grow. I mean upgrading your web host – from shared hosting to VPS to dedicated servers – for more processing power, memory capacity, disk storage, and better security features.

Renewal Price
Generally for web hosting service offerings, shared hosting in particular, usually says very low prices on registration prices but much higher fees on renewals. This is normal in the web hosting service industry. Unless you’re willing to switch from a hosting service company every two or three years, there’s no way to avoid these high renewal prices. One quick way to do this is to click on the hosting company’s TOS link (usually at the bottom of the homepage), press Ctrl + F, and search for the “update” or “update” key.

If you decide to cancel your host on a trial period, does the hosting company provide a full or half refund? What is the hosting company’s return policy after the trial session? Is there a cancellation fee? These are some basic questions for you to ask customer service before you sign up for or use a hosting service. It’s important to know the hosting provider is willing to carry out customer refunds so you don’t have to lose too much money when things go wrong.

There are some hosting companies that charge high deletion fees when users cancel their accounts during the trial period. On the other hand, some hosting companies provide a money back guarantee where you can request a pro-rated refund after your trial period.

Cron Jobs, Auto Script Installer, htaccess, and Server Side Include
It’s always surprising that some web hosts out there still don’t offer this basic service. You need Cron for daily operations, Auto Script Installer (like Fantastico, Simple Script, and Fast Installer) to save time, htaccess access for security/page redirection/etc purposes, SSI for easier site maintenance (when you’re building a static site), and easy FTP file access. Unless you sign up with a dedicated host like WP Engine, other basic features are a must-have and you shouldn’t settle for a provider that doesn’t offer these basic hosting services.

E-Commerce Features
Are you running an e-commerce website? Do you need to process business transactions on your website? Are you using any particular shopping cart software? If yes, then it is important that you choose a web host with e-commerce support features. SSL certification, dedicated IP, and one click shopping cart software installation are some of the important features.

Self email domain service/ [email protected]
If you want to host an email account along with your website, then you should take a look at the email feature before registration.

Hosting subscription period
Don’t be surprised if you find some web hosts forcing their customers to take unreasonable or very long duration contracts. Should you commit to a long term hosting contract? Our answer is no – Don’t sign up for a web host with more than 2 years in advance unless they provide a refund service as a guarantee.

Site Backup
There are times when a site crashes. Julybe a hacker broke into your WordPress blog and replaced your index.php file, or your entire database got nuked, or the server had a severe hard disk failure. If your web host backups regularly then there is nothing to worry about when this incident occurs. Your hosting provider should be able to get your site back full or back to its normal state (or at least, most of the web content) in no time.

So make sure your web hosting service:

  1. Provides regular full backups
  2. Provide a backup site that can be done easily via the control panel?
  3. Provide auto backup feature of your site like cron or other activity?
  4. Make it easy to restore your own backup files easily.

Control Panel is easy to use
A user-friendly and functional hosting control panel is essential. It doesn’t matter if it’s cPanel or Plesk or a third party control panel (like the one at GoDaddy) it doesn’t matter as long as it’s user-friendly and complete with all the necessary functionality. Without a proper control panel, you will find it difficult to manage your website even for some basic server changes.

So, those are some tips for choosing the perfect web hosting service for your website, if you have experience about using web hosting services, please share by commenting in the comment form provided and share your experience using hosting services with thousands of readers of this blog, thank you.