Tips for Developing Communication Skills – Android Tutorial

Good Communication Skill – Are you too quiet, shy or have a lack of good communication? Or you find it difficult to find material for conversation which in the end will only make you mute when you gather with your friends. Well if you have these things then it’s time for you to learn how to spread better communication skills.

The ability to communicate better is the key to success in life, work and relationships. Not having good communication will only make you closed (because you can’t reveal who you are) or other people will think you’re hard to get along with or difficult to socialize because you are too quiet. Of course you don’t have this kind of intention, it’s just that you don’t know where to start communication.

Without effective communication that is delivered in a good way too, the communication message can develop into errors, misunderstandings, frustrations, or even things that are good but are misunderstood or poorly conveyed. Communication is the process by which we exchange information between individuals or groups of people. It is a process in which we try to clearly and accurately describe who you are, what abilities and talents you have, as a way of conveying our thoughts, intentions and goals. well without having good communication skills it would certainly be a difficult thing right? Also read tips become a professional speaker.

Communication will only run successfully only when the sender and receiver understand the same information. In today’s increasingly informative and technologically advanced environment, it has become increasingly important to have good communication skills. So, here are some tips on how to learn to spread good and effective communication skills:

Know what you want to say, where you are communicating and why you are saying it.
Clearly understand the purpose and intent of your message. Know who you are communicating with and why. Take into account any obstacles you may experience such as cultural differences or situational circumstances (gender, age). Ask yourself what results you want to achieve and the impression you want to leave.

How would you begin to deliver that?
Start by making eye contact. You inspire trust and confidence when you speak by looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to. Second, be aware of your body language, because your body language can convey as much as your words. By rising with your arms by your side, you are telling the other person that you feel close and open to hearing what they have to say. If on the other hand, arms are crossed and shoulders are bent, it conveys disinterest or unwillingness to communicate. Good posture will help you to make difficult communication easier or smoother. Make sure you speak with closeness, not hostility.

Learn to be a good listener
Communication is a two way street. That means to create good communication there must be opportunities to talk and listen. After you’ve said what you said, stop and listen, give the other person a chance to talk to you. By pausing to stop talking and learn to listen you will have more ideas or thoughts that you can convey after you get the opportunity to speak. how to chat with women let him be interested.

Reach an understanding, promise or consensus
Once you have had a chance to talk and listen. Did you reach common ground, solve a problem, or explain your position? If the goal is to teach or instruct, have you achieved your goal? Communicating well is to understand and be understood. Make sure that your message has been received as intended. You can even okay to disagree. There is no guarantee that your communication efforts will meet approval and agreement. As long as you understand each other, value and respect each other, you can still have a chance to reach an agreement.

Don’t interrupt
There is a time or your turn to speak and listen so respect this. Respect other people’s conversations by waiting for them to finish before expressing your views. Learn to understand and appreciate the conversation from the other person’s point of view by being open-minded and making an effort to see things from the other person’s perspective start a conversation with a woman.

Avoid trying to communicate when in an emotional state
Take some time to think your position through before speaking. carrying out communication based on an emotional sense will not reach an agreement, it will only create disputes.