Tips for Distinguishing Real & Fake Gold

Knowing the authenticity of gold – Gold investment is an investment that is almost always profitable, gold prices tend to be stable and relatively increase every year. But unfortunately the price is relatively stable and includes this profitable investment, there are parties who try to make a profit from this profitable gold selling price. Yes, if the profit from the gold business is good, it doesn’t matter, but what if it is profitable for individuals but detrimental to others, namely by doubling or mixing gold with other metals with the dream of getting a lot of profit.

The purity of gold can be checked from its level. Gold content is expressed in carats. 24 karat is the purest gold. 24 carat gold has a composition of 99.00 – 99.99%, 23 carats have a composition of 94.80 – 98.89%, 22 carats have a composition of 90.60 – 94.79%. 21 carat gold has a composition of 86.50 – 90.59%, 20 carats have a composition of 82.30 – 86.49%. Meanwhile, 19 carat gold has a composition of 78.20 – 82.29% and 18 carats has a composition of 75.40 – 78.19%.

So for those of you who want to invest or at least want to buy gold, don’t let you be tricked by unscrupulous people or parties who want to make a profit. To prevent you from being deceived into buying gold as a collection or as an investment, here are tips for buying safe gold.

  • Always buy gold in a gold shop or other trusted store.
  • Make sure the gold you buy has the original deed from the seller, shop or gold processor.
  • don’t be fooled into buying cheap gold, original gold always has a standard or stable price.

Then how can you find out and check the authenticity of the gold you have bought, here are the tips:

  • Try to take a magnet and then bring it close to your gold, if the gold is attached to the magnet then it is certain that your gold or other metal mixture is more than the volume of the gold itself.
  • Drop your gold on a hard floor like ceramic or stone, if the sound is loud then the gold is probably fake.
  • Try to pierce the gold that you bought using a needle, if it is soft and stuck then your gold is real, but if the needle is bent or cannot be pierced then it is possible that your gold is fake.
  • Real gold if used does not cause itching on the skin, while fake gold can usually cause itching or irritation of the skin.
  • Fake gold if used too long (perhaps a ring) will leave stains or black marks on your skin.
  • Fake gold if scratched on glass, ceramic or other hard objects will leave a black or reddish line on the object you are scratching.
  • If you smell real gold, it doesn’t smell fishy, ​​besides if you see in movies there are people biting gold or Olympic athletes biting their newly won gold medals, it’s common and not without purpose. Bite your gold with moderate pressure. Check if the gold has bite marks. In theory, if the gold is real it will show teeth scraping marks, the marks are deeper if the gold is pure 24 carat.

So, those are simple tips to distinguish the authenticity of gold, but you must be observant and careful to see these signs, for a more accurate test you can use the following tips:

Real & Fake Gold Test

You can use X-rays to test the authenticity of your gold and this method is proven to be accurate to determine the authenticity of gold, you can ask for donations to test the authenticity of gold using this X-ray at a gold shop, gold craftsman or pawnshop.

Hydrochloric & Sulfuric Acid
Hydrochloric and sulfuric acid is an accurate way to determine the authenticity of gold, you can take a sample of your gold and put it in a mixture of chloride and sulfate in a glass bowl, if fake gold will melt immediately or melt but if real gold will melt in a relatively short time long. (Use only a small sample as it can cause damage to the gold). You also have to be careful using these chemicals.

Nitric Acid
Nitric acid is a “chemical acid substance” commonly used by professionals to determine the authenticity of gold, you are not advised to use it if you do not know how to use it because it is a dangerous chemical that can cause burns. Just for understanding, if you drop this nitric acid on gold then:

  • If there is a reaction, the green color is iron coated with gold
  • The reaction of the golden color then the gold plated brass
  • The reaction of the thick white color has a substance resembling milk, so the silver is coated with gold
  • Real gold does not produce any reaction when dropped with nitric acid.