Tips for Facing a First Date Hopefully Memorable

Facing the first date – When you want to ask a first date with a woman you approach, of course you will feel more nervous and nervous, of course. Of course you have to prepare yourself for this first date because a memorable first date experience will of course cause feelings of different impressions for the woman you are approaching. In this case it will also make it easier or smooth for your next step to get the woman you are approaching.

Then how do you prepare for your first date and ensure that your first date goes smoothly and memorable. Well this time I will share a little about how to face a memorable first date.

Facing a First Date To Be Memorable

Make yourself look presentable
The first impression of women seeing you is your appearance, of course, because they don’t really know who you are, so appearance is the first entry point for women to judge who you are, so make sure you make yourself as neat as possible. No matter the style or model of your clothing, the most important thing is to wear polite, clean and neat clothes because most women will like men who look neat, polite and clean. Make sure to use clothes that are comfortable for you, don’t just make it look more fashionable you use clothes that are not comfortable and actually make you feel uncomfortable on your first date later. Use ordinary fragrances, the most important thing is not to look handsome but the smell of armpits hehehehhe….

It’s normal to be nervous and nervous when it comes to a first date, but don’t let your nervousness be a problem that doesn’t build your confidence. If you are too nervous or nervous, of course this will create problems on your first date, such as saying the wrong thing because you are nervous or just being silent because you are afraid to say the wrong thing. Women like men who are confident in their words, confident in their appearance and confident in themselves in general. Show that you are confident and this will make your date more memorable.

Nice talk
Have a fun flow of conversation during your first date, don’t talk too much or dominate the conversation as this will make you appear selfish. But also don’t be too silent because women are usually also a disgrace to start a conversation first. Start with small talk but remember not to lie just to impress them. After you’re done talking try to ask something nice about the woman you’re approaching this will either make or provoke the woman on your first date to join in on the conversation. Make a simple small talk about you and him, so it will be a fun two-way conversation. You can also create a pleasant conversation with a little flirting, remember a pleasant flirt instead of you looking ragged like the clothes he wears look good or the way he does his hair looks cute etc.

Surprise is the thing that makes many women memorable, before you end your first date try to offer him a surprise it can be flowers, chocolates or other things that women like.

So, those are some ways to deal with your first date so that it creates a more pleasant impression. If you have other experiences in making your first date more memorable, please share or add it in the comment box provided and share your experience with thousands of readers of this blog, thank you.