Tips for Facing a Job Interview (Interview)

Job interview tips – When you want to join an agency or company to apply for a job, what you need is to apply for a job at the company or agency you are applying for. Until this stage you will be anxiously waiting for the next part which is the job interview. So make sure you make a good and correct job application letter, hopefully your chances of being called for an interview or interview have a great chance. With a good and correct job application letter, the company or work agency you are applying for can assess the quality of a person’s self seen from the job application letters they send. When you are called to take a job interview or interview, then your chances of becoming part of the company are more open even though the chances are still fifty-fifty.

So make sure to prepare yourself before you decide to test for a job interview or interview. Through job interviews, the staff appointed by the company to carry out this job interview test will assess your quality, your abilities, the talents you have and everything that is expected according to the mechanism of the company that wants to hire you in its company. So don’t be surprised if the HRD staff conducting job interviews must be graduates of Law or Psychology, because with this ability they can assess your quality only by conducting job interview sessions, so prepare yourself well so that you have a great chance of being accepted in the company you are applying for.

Well, maybe there are many references about tips on how to deal with job interviews or interviews, this time I will share the experience of my brother who works as an HRD staff who takes care of recruitment at the company he works for, here are tips for dealing with interviews or job interviews:

Tips for Facing a Job Interview (Interview)

Come early
It seems trivial but based on my brother this is very important, there are several companies that really want to test this. Arriving early before the agreed job interview schedule will tell you that you are serious about the job, so make sure you arrive before the interview time starts. For example, if the job interview agenda starts at 10 then you have arrived at least half an hour before the job interview starts, which is half past ten.

Nice and polite appearance
Appearance is someone’s character and it’s true, if you dress properly, politely and well then it pretty much describes who you are. Every company staff will first see who you are by looking at your appearance. So make sure before you take part in the interview session, make sure you look clean, neat and wear formal and polite clothes.

Prepare your mind
After you are sure with the best appearance that you can show, then show your mental well. Always say hello before entering, don’t sit down before being asked to sit down and say goodbye and say thank you when the job interview is over. Speak politely, clearly, firmly in good language and easy to understand. Don’t answer every question unequivocally don’t use the words “eee”, “maybe”, “could”, “could be”, “he said”, etc. to say you are unsure. It doesn’t mean you have to understand or understand the questions that are asked, but by firmly answering this it will indicate to staff or company leaders that you can make good decisions.

proper body language
The staff will also notice you from your gestures or body language. So look at the other person when you are being spoken to, be more friendly and always smile, don’t look around when you are talking to explain. And most importantly, never lie.

Make sure you are wise if you are asked for the honor you want to receive
Now this is what most often makes job seeker interview sessions fail miserably, when asked to explain how much honorarium is requested. You answer too big obviously you will be rejected because the company’s budget to pay you is too big, while if you answer too small then you are judged to be incompetent because you only ask for a small fee, then what is the best. The best answer is “I am a prospective new employee in your company, I will get an honorarium according to the standard salary mechanism in accordance with my position and position in the company”.

Well, those are some job interview tips taken from my brother’s experience, hopefully they will be a reference for you job seekers so that you can be successfully accepted in a new work area. Good luck and hopefully become part of the company you are applying for.

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