Tips for Gaining Knowledge of Perseverance in Facing Trials That Hit

Facing the trials that hit – The word “steadfast” may seem as simple as it sounds but it will be very difficult when we have to do it. But in fact there are many things that we get when we can get all the trials that hit without much complaining, and some of them are:

  • We are increasingly realizing that everything in our lives cannot be fully controlled, we can only always hope and try while the result is still God who determines.
  • We can increasingly be grateful for God’s gifts, whether it’s something we want or something unexpected that we don’t expect.
  • We will be even more powerful when other trials come in our lives.
  • etc

Life is not always easy for everyone in living it, we should understand better that life will continue and forever will not always go according to our dreams. There are always ups and downs in the sense that sometimes success can be achieved and often failure is experienced. Persevering in the face of every trial that hits us will make us stronger as experience goes on, making us more optimistic, causing us to learn more from failure and of course we are less stressed when life goes out of our control.

Most people think that a trial or obstacle in life is a misfortune. But if you keep persevering and continue to persevere by trying to do your best, it will eventually succeed and of course we will be more patient in facing the trials that hit. Here are some tips to learn patience when trials or obstacles hit your life.

Think and be positive
You are what you think or what you think. When you can think more factually then what you will do or your behavior will also be more positive. Whenever you have problems or trials, in general you suffer because of your own thoughts. When you think negatively, feel anxious, worry excessively, your actions to solve problems or face trials that hit you become less focused, and therefore you become more easily down and pessimistic in the face of trials that hit.

Most people suffer because they focus on thinking about the difficulties of the trials they face but forget to remember the goodness or other greater gifts that they get. It’s good you have to think factually when the trials come in life. Because basically every trial that approaches a person’s life has hidden advice. A factual attitude makes you think that there are many people out there who are less fortunate and face more severe trials than you. With that you will be grateful when life’s trials come whatever form. By thinking factually you will feel uncomfortable in living it.

More patient and trusting in facing trials
Behind the heavy rain there will always be details and even a rainbow behind it, after a dark night without stars there will be a refreshing bright morning and so on. Life will not run monotonously behind the trials that hit there is always advice and lessons that can be taken for those who trust. You will not be given trials and obstacles beyond your capabilities as a human being. The trials of life that you experience must be addressed with humility and trust so that it is easier to deal with them. Patience is one of the simplest ways to deal with life’s trials. Because with the patience you have it will increase your ability to parse the problem. Clear thinking and wise actions will help you overcome the problems at hand.

Always try and don’t give up easily
To graduate from formal education you will need a school or college administered exam to assess how well you will qualify. Once in a life you will get tests, trials and even obstacles to judge how worthy you are to become a better and successful exclusive. Sometimes you complain about the trials that exist. You don’t have to do that. Life’s trials are expected to purify you. It will help you fully understand the depth and strength of the difficulties and trials that people in this world have to face. Believe that the existing problems can be solved according to your ability. Because the Almighty will not show trials that exceed the capabilities of every human being. Always try to find solutions to solve problems and overcome obstacles in your life and never give up.

Introspect yourself
Sometimes the trials that hit completely are not due to fate but sometimes we make it ourselves, for example you are too difficult to get sustenance or materials but you yourself are reluctant to work harder. Every trial and challenge of life that comes sometimes is due to a mistake we make. Self introspection by realizing the shortcomings that have been done in life. Sometimes you are negligent in self-evaluation and are not aware of your weaknesses and quickly find fault with others. You have to remember that as a human, you are never free from mistakes. This awareness helps you to stay humble and willing to learn from your own experiences and those of others.

Every problem has a solution
God has made us more appropriate than other creatures in this world, it does not mean that we as human beings are perfect beings. We are given more precise things, namely logic and thought where we are given “tools” that we can use to think about how to find solutions. In facing life’s trials with various problems, you must remember that there is not a single problem that has no solution, just like no teacher shows questions without an answer key. One of the main ways to get answers to your problems is to understand and realize the mistakes you have made. Don’t blame other people. Your direct awareness is expected to be able to find a good solution.

Get closer to God Almighty
Believe that this life does have a set regardless of what your beliefs are. All religious edicts will teach that we must believe and be close to God because indeed we are His creatures. Everything will go well and therefore this trial of life is given for your good too. If you have to experience suffering, you need to overcome it by faith. You are not alone and must believe in the power and protection of the Almighty.

In every trial and suffering you must endure. Because it is part of self-purification and to see how much confidence you have to survive the ordeal. Live life’s trials as a test that you have to face and rejoice when you pass the test. Remember the trials that are given to you do not exceed your ability to deal with them.