Tips for getting to know someone on social media

Get to know on social media – For those of you who like online dating sites or social media sites, of course your goal is to make friends, friends or even to get a girlfriend. Yes, online activities are indeed a very fun thing when you want to get to know people who are connected to the internet with various user letters. If you use social media sites or dating sites and find “someone” that catches your eye, of course you want to find ways how to get to know someone more intimately on social media such as facebook, blackberry messenger, twitter or other social media sites.

However, just like in the real world, it can be difficult to figure out what to say and do to someone you want to get to know better and interact with. Well this time I will share some tips on how to get to know someone on social media and get to know them more closely to get their attention, as quoted from the world’s largest online dating site,

Tips for getting to know someone on social media

Don’t be too ambitious
Women or men certainly don’t like someone who is too ambitious to chase them, because they will think negatively because someone who is too ambitious knows them. almost everyone including users of social media sites or dating sites likes someone who is confident not “ambitious”. Show your confidence by sending conversations that are interesting, polite and in good language. has the ‘winks’ feature, Yahoo personal has the ‘conversation starters’ or icebreakers, Facebook has the ‘pokes’, BBM with its pings and you shouldn’t be messing with any of these features!

Do not use this feature if you are in the introduction stage, as this will show interest in someone without writing, or trying to start a good conversation. These things make you look lazy and scared. These traits are clearly unattractive to a guy or girl you want to get to know better…They like someone who is confident to talk to but without showing any ambition to get to know them.

An “attractive” man or woman can get hundreds of pokes, pings, winks or icebreakers from hundreds of people who like them so if you do the same, your intention to get to know them will be ignored. So, open the conversation interestingly, confidently and politely. Read our other article about how how to start a dialogue with women.

Find out something interesting on his profile
You can open an interesting conversation with someone on social media sites by viewing and visiting their profile, there will be seen what their hobbies are and detail everything they like or don’t like. well through this information you can start a conversation with what you know from their profile tips for inviting girls to meet.

Don’t seduce her too much
Attracting attention doesn’t always have to be with seduction, especially if you’re just getting acquainted with them, this can actually backfire on you. It’s not that they like your seduction in fact you will be considered “crazy”. make sure to chat in a nice and polite language and don’t show that you want to get to know them because of their “beauty”, “handsomeness”, “sexiness” or their strengths, one of the reasons is that you don’t know or know them more intimately well if you use that method then you will only be considered “playboy, “playgirl”, “gegombal”, “knowing” etc.

Julybe you’ll come off as good at “your dishonesty” and maybe people you’re trying to get to know on social media will find you interesting, but trust me that someone who finds out you’re being dishonest just once in the introduction stage will turn them away.

Make them curious
Someone who just knows you and is starting to be able to interact with you on social media will certainly feel curious about yourself. Don’t “talk too much” with your life, just make them want to know about you, if they know everything about you without them asking you to tell them of course this will make them bored quickly and no longer interested in you because they are already know everything about you without them asking you to explain. Also read our other articles about how to make a girl curious with you.