Tips for Knowing Irresponsible Men

Knowing the characteristics of irresponsible men – Almost every woman in this world likes a man who is responsible. Take responsibility for what they have said, be responsible for what they have been able to and brave men are responsible for what they do. Men who resemble this are the most coveted by women. Especially for a serious correlation (marriage), of course, a responsible man can create a calm, calm and happy family.

So how can you identify this type of responsible man? Not only can they say something sweet, but they are responsible for what they say and do, so here are some tips to identify a responsible man:

Don’t want to admit mistakes
Ideally anyone who has a high responsibility they will admit the mistakes they have made, but it is different from this type of irresponsible man. They will not want to admit the mistakes they have made, even if they are caught in the act, it is clear that their mistakes will not want to be accused of wrongdoing, instead they try to find excuses or justifications for what they have done. They will also always blame conditions or others if they experience failure.

This is indeed a clear sign that when a man makes a mistake, the man continues to deny it and creates various kinds of excuses. Even these irresponsible men, sometimes even scold and blame you. It’s not that the man apologized, but instead made all kinds of excuses while getting angry. So that it actually causes the correlation that exists is not compatible anymore.

Men who are manly and have a sense of responsibility, they will admit all the mistakes they have made and manly apologize. This is because every mistake that has been made by someone, is one of the pieces of responsibility. So that men who are responsible will always try and learn to improve themselves from every mistake they make.

Always say sweet but never prove it
Irresponsible men are usually good at saying nice things but they will rarely do what they say. They are only knowledgeable in conveying sweet things but do not have a high responsibility for what they say.

Often embarrass you in public
A responsible man will understand the line between joking and humiliation. Responsible men may joke about things about yourself if only in front of you, but if they mock or embarrass you in front of their friends or in public then this guy is the type of guy who is not responsible. If a man dares to humiliate you in public, it means he lacks a sense of responsibility. A responsible man, he will always maintain the dignity of a woman. And even if a man is in an angry condition, he will always find the right time and condition to invite you to talk in solving a problem.

Feel like you know everything
If you find a man who thinks he knows everything and can do everything, this is indeed a sign that the man is irresponsible. As I explained above, they are very knowledgeable in conveying sweet things, seem pretentious to know everything and feel pretentious to feel they can, even though «Nothing». They will do this just to get your attention or to steal your attention. A responsible man, he will tell the truth about what he can and can’t do. And this type of responsible man, will also display an aura of humility and not excessive when expressing himself.

Irresponsible men will look selfish, don’t want to be blamed, don’t want to hear other people’s opinions and they don’t want the conversation to be cut off. If you know the criteria for this man, then just stay away because this type of man is usually an irresponsible type of man. Responsible men will not hesitate to be open, get other people’s opinions, willing to be criticized for constructive criticism (Also read our other article about how good way to criticize) and always have good and mature calculations and considerations in choosing something. Which something can harm and interfere with the interests of others or not.

Often talk about & blame other people’s ugliness for no reason
Irresponsible men love gossip, they will look for themes that are interesting to discuss such as talking and blaming other people’s badness, even if the other person is his own best friend. A responsible man will cover up and not speak ill of others. Actions that always blame others when there is a problem, then from there you can clearly see that the man has no sense of responsibility. And usually this type of man is not exclusively looking for the root of the problem. Even looking for a scapegoat and letting go of the risk of the problem. Usually the first thing a responsible type of man does is to control his emotions first, then look for various ways to deal with the problem properly and wisely.

Too often don’t keep promises
Men who are responsible only once or twice do not keep the agreement even if they really have an interest that they really can’t leave. They will still let you know if they can’t keep the agreement and apologize to you and even so they will keep their agreement even if it’s too late because they have responsibilities. Well if you find a man who too often does not keep his agreement for reasons that are not clear, then chances are this man is an irresponsible type of man.

Responsible men will always keep the deal they have said. Even if he has to cancel the appointment, the man will show a clear, reasonable, and in accordance with the reality experienced.