Tips for Knowing the 10 Alphabets of Men’s Ideal Women

Men’s dream woman – When a single man meets a good woman, many things are noticed from the woman. Starting from how to dress, how to walk, a beautiful body shape and many other things to pay attention to. The reaction of men in general will be interested in seeing the woman, but men’s interest in seeing a good woman has 2 possibilities, first being attracted to the woman and aiming to approach or get to know her. And the second is only interested in appearance and does not aim to get to know him further.

When men want to know more about women who attract them, of course there are some things that will be considered for men who want to have serious relationships, namely the female character who will be his dream. Beauty is not necessarily a dream for men, although most men are attracted to the face of beautiful women. So, what are the criteria for the female alphabet which are generally coveted by most men, here are some criteria for women’s ideals for men:

Men generally don’t like women who are too dependent on men. Men will not hesitate to help if their partner needs help, but men will not like their partners asking for this and it’s a trivial thing that women can do together. Men like independent women, and if you are approaching a man you like be independent.

Attentive & understanding woman
Generally, like women who want a man who is attentive and understanding, men also have the same dream to judge the woman who is their dream. Men like women who are attentive and willing to understand what a man dreams of. They need to be understood just like you, Happy men have a lover who doesn’t demand to contact him often at all times. With the busyness that must be faced in work and responsibilities, sometimes it can’t be done because as a salaried employee it is important to prioritize his duties so that your understanding and awareness is expected as a lover.

Patient & unemotional woman
Men like women who are patient, gentle and of course not emotional. A woman who is unable to control her emotions and gets angry easily will reduce a man’s desire to be happy with her. Men will think a thousand times to be your lover because he is afraid that if he gets married later there will be many “flying saucers” in his house. From now on, change your quick-tempered nature if you want to be the woman of your dreams.

Friendly woman easy to get along with friends and family
Men really like women who can be friends with friends and family. So don’t be surprised if a man’s dream woman is someone who can be friends with his friends and family.

Men like women who can make him comfortable
In a relationship, compatibility and comfort are the most important things, not only for men but also for women. So if you hope to be the ideal woman for the men you want to approach, then make them feel comfortable beside you.

Loving and loyal woman
A happy man has a partner who loves him with all his heart. Because men want complete love from you and not share it with others. Your feelings of love and loyalty as a lover will show a sense of calm and calm in a relationship. It is important to become the woman that men want and to continue into marriage.

A woman who is not only good on the outside but also good on the inside
A man wants a woman who is not only good in appearance, but a man also wants someone who is also good from the inside. Soft and loving words that are reflected in a woman, it makes sense that a woman like this is coveted by many men because a woman will one day become the future mother of her child. Men will survive if they have a good woman inside and out because they feel comfortable.

Women who can make men better
The words of a wise man, “Behind the success of a man there is an influential woman by his side.” This is true, so most men will look for a woman who can make him feel better.

smart woman
Men like women who are smart, broad-minded and easy to talk to about anything. Smart women are one of the things that are valued and become a dream for most men.

A woman who respects and respects her partner
Everyone will want to be respected and respected, he will also respect and protect you because of the affectionate treatment given to him. Men will feel flattered and make him love you even more.