Tips for Knowing the Common Reasons for Women Cheating

Tips to find out the common reasons women cheat – The stereotype or culture that develops says that men are most likely to commit infidelity in their lives not the other way around, but it was really surprising when I read a reference I quoted from the site and research conducted by Rutgers University United State by the expert biological anthropologist Helen Fisher. Research shows that currently, there are almost as many people who convey mutual cooperation between women and men carrying out infidelity.

Interestingly, the reasons men and women engage in infidelity correlations are often very different. A study by Rutgers University also found that men and women indulged in infidelity, 34 percent of women said they were “happy married” while 56 percent of men felt that way. . Thus, we can see that women are more likely to commit infidelity than men to have an affair when they do not feel comfortable or engaged in their primary relationship, whereas men are more likely to commit infidelity than women to have an affair despite feeling close to their partner. .

Well, the following are common reasons for infidelity by women as quoted from the site:

Common Reasons for Women Cheating

Low Self-Esteem
Women with self-confidence problems are one of the common problems that most often make women cheat on their partners. Self-confidence problems such as low self-esteem, depression, severe childhood stress or problems that make them uncomfortable with their partner, they will commit an affair to find sensations or conditions where they feel valuable, wanted, wanted, needed, and loveable.

Sometimes women feel betrayed by their partners leaving a deep sense of deep stress, and they use infidelity as a way to repay what their partners did to them. Usually, women who use revenge as an excuse for their affair are not secretive about what they are doing.

Lonely and feeling neglected
Sometimes women feel they are treated more like caregivers, helpers, or only cared for when their partners need them. They engage in extramarital affairs or sex as a way to fill emotional voids.

Boring relationship
Some women who start to lose their excitement and begin to feel boredom in a relationship generally resort to infidelity and form new relationships. When they find someone who can rekindle their “heart beats faster” feeling they will build a lasting bond to divert boring correlations so they start bonding with someone new.

Lack of sexual correlation
Women have almost the same sexual feelings as men and can even be higher, only the difference is that women can have sexual intercourse when they feel comfortable with a stable emotional state, in contrast to men who can have sexual intercourse when their emotional condition is unstable. They usually enjoy the physical act of making love as much as men, and they also enjoy feeling wanted, needed, and wanted. Now when women have passionate sexual desires and their partners often ignore or can’t keep up with their expectations, they will tend to have an affair to fulfill their biological needs.

Lack of Intimacy at Home
Even if a woman gets biological emotional (sexual) needs, they still need non-sexual emotional interactions such as attention, comfort, surprise, memorable happiness, and close communication. If this is not the case at home, they may seek connections elsewhere.

Want to end the relationship
Some women find it easier to lie, they are reluctant to express their hopes for ending the relationship with their partner. Well the reason for infidelity will help them end the correlation with their partner. Women know they want to leave, but they are not willing to do so until they have another correlation.