Tips for Knowing Your Friends Are Your True Friends

Is your friend your true friend? – Having many friends does not necessarily have many friends. Friends are those who are always there for you when you are sad, not those who are there when you are happy. So don’t think you’re cool because there are many friends around you who celebrate your success, but be happy if when you fail there is a friend who always accompanies you and supports you to stand up from failure.

The most important thing in friendship is not how many friends you have. Having 10 true friends is better than having 100 friends who are there when you are having fun, and when you fall they walk away as if you were someone else to them. But one thing you need to remember that making friends is not only about how many friends you have. More than that the quality of friendship is also very important to note, so make sure your friends are also your true friends. So it’s useless, right, if you have a lot of friends but it doesn’t give you any real effect at all. It’s better to have a limited number of friends but keep pushing you to be a better person.

So how do you know your friends are your true friends, so here are some tips that will help you find out who is your best friend as well as your true friend:

Your true friend is someone who always listens and understands you
Don’t get me wrong, just like your boyfriend, your true friend will also understand and understand your condition. They will know when you are sad, happy or something else that you feel. Your true friends will understand a lot about you because they care about how you feel.

Your true friend is someone who listens to your complaints
Your friends can listen to you when you talk about nice and pleasant things, but not necessarily your friends will listen to all your complaints, listen to your sadness or other unpleasant things. But your true friends will listen to whatever your sadness is, whatever your complaints because they will also feel your sadness. Your true friends will try to support you and show support when you are sad, and if they don’t have the ability to help you they will at least listen to your complaints.

Always give you support
Not only that, your true friend will show that the opinion he gives you is also your main consideration for solving problems. Because he is the person who knows best about you and knows very well what the implied message should be given and you need. The advice he gives will also not seem patronizing to you. Because he feels he feels what you feel and wants to make you free from the burden you feel.

Your best friend will make you feel better
Your true friends are people who can make you do things better. They don’t want your bad nature to show you bad answers someday. Your true friends will bring good effects to you. Your true friend will know the right way to develop your potential. One of the goals of friendship, of course, is to be able to shape you as a better person and develop your potential. Good friends are those who will continue to support you to achieve higher dreams.

Your friends may invite you to have fun but it is possible to achieve that fun they can plunge you into negative things while your friends will not plunge you into negative things because they want to see you happy with the success or goals you want. If you have too many friends who only lead you to be direct that can never grow, then it is not a mistake if you stay away from them. You deserve a better friendship environment and can support you to develop your potential. Do not hesitate to leave those who will only make you lose money in the future.

Your true friends don’t stay away from you if you are different from them.
In friendship there is always friction, misunderstanding or different views or opinions. Friends will not leave you if you have different opinions, beliefs, or views they will respect and appreciate what your views are.

Your true friends are people who are near you no matter what your condition is
When your life feels so perfect, many people want to be friends with you. even when your life is abundant, many friends will be near you to share the happiness you feel. But when your life takes a drastic turn for the worse, only your true friends will stay by your side. While friends who are “fake friends” only use you for their pleasure.

When your life is at its lowest point, only your true friends are always there to guide you, embrace you and continue to accompany you to show support for you. Never leave those who continue to be faithful to you in facing trials. Undoubtedly, they are true friends who will always be in the heart.

Your true friends are those who make all the difference
He who truly considers you a friend will surely accept you as you are, even if you have shortcomings. They will not force you to be the same person as them. Because it’s a beautiful friendship that can make a lot of difference.

Your best friend is someone who always cares about you
No matter how far the distance separates, friends will always seek news about you, distance is never a reason to stop supporting each other. Even though you can’t always be together, the companionship together never goes away. You also never lose chat material. On the other hand, your dialogue material will be even richer. Because each of you has a new experience that can be shared with each other. Even if it’s only for a short time, you and your true friend can already show how much you care for each other. He who wants to be friends with you will also always be eager to know how you are currently distant from him.