Tips for Overcoming Adsense Ads That Don’t Appear (Blank)

Overcome adsense that doesn’t appear – A few days later one of my friends complained that their adsense didn’t appear as usual on his blog (blank), of course this made my friend worried if their GA account got banned. I myself was also confused about why adsense didn’t appear or blank on my friend’s blog because this kind of problem had never happened to my blog.

Even though everything has been checked starting from the account, pin verification, scripts, ad blockers on the browser and so on, but still the adsense ads remain blank or do not appear on the blog. Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that after googling here and there I found the perfect response to deal with Adsense ads that don’t appear on the blog, I found this response on the English-language Adsense website. One of the tips suggested that I delete cookies and cache on my web browser, after I did it on my friend’s computer, it didn’t take 1 minute for the adsense ads to appear on my friend’s blog again. So, for those of you who have not yet received Google Adsense, you can read our other articles about easy tips Google Adsense is easy to accept.

Well maybe a similar incident could have happened on your blog or website and I’m sure you also have the same problem although with a different problem, it’s proven that you came to this page about tips on how to deal with adsense that is blank or doesn’t appear on the blog hehehehe .. .. Before discussing further there are some of the most common things that cause Adsense ads not to appear on your blog or web and include the following:

  • Adsense does not appear on the blog because it is in the review period, both the 1st and 2nd reviews.
  • Adsense does not appear or is blank because your GA account is hosted (a Google partner) and you install it on a blog or website that is not a friend of Google, maybe on a blog or web with your own TLD domain.
  • Adsense does not appear because it is covered by HTML or CSS code elements for example closed

  • Adsense does not appear or blank can be caused by too many scripts that you use so that the load period is limited (this case is only temporary, not permanent)
  • Adsense does not appear because you have not entered the PIN verification that has entered the limit
  • Too many cookies and cache stored in the web browser
  • The location of the ad placement is just an example of the problem with loyal readers of this blog who have adsense problems, their links don’t want to appear because they are placed in the crosscol widget.
  • Adsense doesn’t appear because the account is banned hehehe this is clear
  • Adsense does not appear because it requires an HTML code parser
  • Adsense has not appeared because new ad units usually have to wait up to 10 minutes – 1 hour before ads appear etc (please add if you have other experiences in the comments below the post)

Overcoming Adsense Ads That Don’t Appear (Blank)

Now, after you know the most common causes of why Adsense doesn’t appear or blank on your blog or website, here are some tips to overcome it:

Reviews 1 and 2
Adsense doesn’t appear or is blank because the blog is in the review period, now this can’t be overcome hehehe you have to wait until the blog you registered is really approved by Google and then ads will appear on your blog or website. Well if you have repeatedly registered but are still rejected by GA, then you can read our other articles about tips that need to be considered before blog registered with google adsense.

GA hosted is installed on non-hosted
Of course, if hosted adsense doesn’t appear on your blog or non-hosted website because hosted adsense ads can only be displayed on sites that have relevance to other Google products (partner sites) such as Youtube, blogger (non TLD costume), Docstock, Hubpages and other websites. another Google buddy. Tips to overcome this, you have to upgrade your hosted account to non-hosted by registering it again, it takes time for Google to review non-hosted blogs or webs for review, usually between 2-7 days. But it’s quiet if you fail to upgrade this non-hosted you can still use your hosted GA account on a Google friend site and you can re-register your non-hosted in the future.

Covered by other elements
Adsense code scripts that are covered in script elements or other HTML instructions can also cause adsense ads to not appear on the blog. For example, if you want to decorate or modify adsense ads by adding div tags or other scripts, this can cause adsense to not appear on your blog or website, the way to fix this is to use the original adsense script without adding new elements.

Too many scripts or java script
Adsense may not appear on your blog or web because of the many scripts or javascript that you install on your blog or website, this limits your browser’s load speed so that the adsense script cannot be read. The fix is ​​to use a script that is important for your blog.

Too many Cookies and Cache in your browser
how to fix it hopefully adsense appears delete cokkiie and cache or history in your web browser and refresh then adsense will reappear.

PIN verification
As you know that for GA account owners you will get a PIN number which will be sent by Google by post to verify the correctness of the address you entered after your accumulated payment reaches the threshold ($10) for Indonesia, you must enter the Pin number sent to your GA account. , This PIN also has a certain time limit between 30-36 days if you do not enter it within that limit your adsense does not appear or is blank. The fix if you have only received your PIN once and it hasn’t reached your hand, you can send a PIN request again to and three to make sure your ad still appears, if up to the third time you haven’t received your PIN number you can send a scan of your ID number ( ID card or driving license).

Ad placement
Adsense not showing up can also be caused due to imperfect ad placement or location, like the experience of loyal readers of this blog, once emailed me because their adsense ads didn’t appear. After I checked briefly it turned out that there was 1 link ad placed on crosscol.

Banned Google
It is clear that this reason is because you can no longer use an Adsense account because you are no longer a member of the Adsense publisher.

Parse ad script
Some ad placement instructions in posts require HTML parse, for example ad scripts placed under the title, in the middle of the post or at the end of the post. You have to parse the ad script first so that adsense can appear on your blog.

New ad unit
For new ad units it also takes time to appear on your blog or website, although it may happen that you just create a direct ad unit to appear on the blog. But there are also those who have to wait between 5-60 minutes before their adsense can appear on the blog.

Well, if that’s what I can say, of course there are many more problems that cause adsense ads to not appear or blank on blogs or the web, if you have other experiences about adsense that doesn’t appear, please add comments so that other readers also understand and may also have similar problems. same, thank you and hopefully useful.