Tips for Overcoming Doubt & Indecision in Making Decisions

Doubt or indecision to make a decision is something that makes sense to everyone. Yes, everyone wants the decisions made are good decisions and benefit all parties. Doubt or indecision in creating or making decisions in life. Some patterns of indecision or doubt in making decisions such as deciding to take the college path, deciding to choose a suitable job, deciding to get married, etc.

Doubts or doubts appear most commonly if the decision taken has many options or choices, if you don’t have many choices then you will not hesitate to make a decision, between “yes” or “no”. So if you start to doubt or hesitate to make a choice or make a decision, here are tips to overcome it as quoted from Gibert Ross, personal development expert and owner of “Simple Living Hacks”:

Your past failures and mistakes don’t define who you are
If you have made mistakes and failures in the past, it is not a reason for you to hesitate in making decisions. Mistakes and failures do not define who you are. What defines who you are is what you do today to achieve your potential tomorrow. Humans are creatures that are not right and sometimes in life will meet mistakes or failures. If you try to measure yourself, or worse, to identify yourself with what you think are mistakes and failures, you will inevitably end up wary of your worth and your abilities. Know that mistakes and failures are valuable life lessons that don’t define who you are in any way. This is how you handle failures, mistakes and learn from them for your future actions.

When doubt comes, seek clarity
We all have times in life when we really take care of ourselves. Doubt in determining the future, doubt in making decisions or other doubts in your life. When in doubt what comes what we must look for is the opposite, namely clarity where we see all life’s problems, doubts, and fears from a wider angle that we experience. In short, as a pattern if you are hesitant to make a decision to get married, then look at everything with clarity starting from whether you feel you can have a family, whether you are ready (physically and mentally), whether you already have the stability to get married, etc.

Doubt and doubt always come from fear, insecurity, stress of mind
Doubts and indecision in oneself always arise because of fear (fear of being wrong, afraid to step up), feeling not conducive and pressure (should, immediately, immediately). Decisions will result in good decisions if they are thought out in a calm and cool mind.

You don’t need confirmation or approval from others
The decision you will take is purely in your hands, not in the hands of others, because the decisions you make determine yourself not other people. Other people can be a reference but the decision is still yours.

Listen to your heart
This is where strength and ingenuity come from. Doubt arises when we do not have faith. Lack of faith arises because the mind and heart are not in harmony. When you’ve tried so many ways and still you still feel doubtful, indecisive and stuck, then listen to your heart. Sit quietly and pray. Meditation, reflection, contemplation, and spiritual retreats are proven and tested to make your heart and mind calmer. And when your heart is calm, your mind is clear you can make good decisions.