Tips for Overcoming Flu, Fever, Cough & Cold Signs

Erratic weather and extreme weather changes often cause diseases that usually occur during transitions or changes in trends such as fever, cough, cold and flu. Even though it is not dangerous if it is not caused by other diseases, the name of being sick is definitely not pleasant, activities are disrupted and the risk is that your work and activities will be chaotic. Apart from the change in disease trends such as fever, cough, cold and flu, it can also be caused by other factors and is generally related to an unfit or decreased immune system, such as:

  • Lack of regular physical activity or exercise
  • Tired, tired or weak body
  • Too much staying up late
  • Lack of rest or lack of good quality sleep
  • Unhealthy and balanced diet

The symptoms of a feverish body, an itchy throat and a stuffy nose are early signs that you are suffering from the flu such as fever, cough, runny nose and colds. This flu factor is indeed most commonly caused by the weather and usually occurs due to a trend shift from hot to cold. rainy trend or vice versa. So if you suffer early signs of flu treat immediately and these signs will disappear without disturbing your activities or activities:

Overcoming the Symptoms of Flu, Fever, Cough & Cold

Consumption of zinc
When you suffer from the initial symptoms of the flu and you want to overcome it immediately then consume zinc. Zinc, or zinc, is an important mineral that is needed for proper body functions to increase the body’s metabolism. Zinc is an important mineral that also helps boost the immune system, so that when your immune system increases, your body will have enough strength to ward off germs, viruses or germs that infect the flu and cause your flu, such as fever, cough, runny nose and colds. get worse.

Researchers have tested several samples of cough medicine containing zinc in treating coughs caused by viruses and it is effective, cough medicines containing zinc or zinc can help halve the replication of the virus. Because our bodies cannot produce this mineral naturally, we need to eat lots of foods that contain zinc, and this zinc mineral is found in many types of processed products from the sea such as oysters, crabs, tenderloin, shrimp (steamed or boiled) and can also be from mushrooms. , or spinach.

Studies say that zinc only works when taken as soon as cold symptoms appear. So, as soon as you experience signs of early flu symptoms and want to get rid of them before they get worse, then immediately consume these foods.

Rest will restore energy and restore a weak body condition and help the healing process quickly. So now you know why most cold medicines will make you feel drowsy when you take it, because the recovery and healing process contained in the medicine will be effective when you rest. When you feel the signs that the flu will attack, then immediately rest and reduce activities for a while so that the recovery process runs effectively.

Increase body fluids
A body that lacks fluids and is accompanied by a decreased immune system will be very easy to contract the disease, so make sure to meet the body’s fluid needs properly, namely drinking lots of water, it will be very efficacious to help overcome ulcers or inflammation in the respiratory tract which can cause inflammation of the respiratory tract. flu diseases such as fever, cough, runny nose and colds. And to create a relaxing effect or soothe the sore area you can also drink warm or hot tea, without sugar. Choose a type of tea that is good for treating and fighting coughs, such as ginger tea or green tea.

Gargle with salt water
This method can not only relieve the signs of the flu, but also help prevent it. “The saline solution can draw excess fluid from the inflamed tissue in the throat, making it less painful,” said Dr Philip T. Hagen, editor-in-chief of the Julyo Clinic Book of Home Remedies, as quoted by The New York Times. Gargling will also loosen thick mucus, which can remove irritants such as allergens, bacteria, and fungi, from the throat. You know you can also use other methods related to salt water, namely by soaking the feet with warm water and salt. This method is widely used by people and has proven to be effective in reducing and even curing colds, fever and flu.