Tips for Overcoming Hoarseness (Hoarse) With Natural Materials

Hoarseness or hoarseness can be caused by many factors and the most common is the change of weather or seasons, it can also be extreme weather that is too hot or cold that changes drastically so that it interferes with the respiratory tract, causing a sore throat, hoarseness and sometimes accompanied by flu and colds. But besides the weather, there are several other factors that can cause a sore throat, resulting in a hoarse or hoarse voice, here are some: hoarseness factor that matter:

Often shouts or often uses a loud volume when talking or because of singing
Consuming food or drink that is too hot or too cold
Inflammation due to viruses or bacteria in the larynx

To deal with missing, hoarse, sick sounds, you can rest the body to recover and reduce speaking too loudly or shouting to restore it. However, it is not enough just to take a break to recover. Should also be treated so that the healing process will be faster, here are: how to deal with hoarseness or hoarseness Use natural materials:

Overcoming Hoarseness (Hoarse) With Natural Ingredients

Lime juice
Lime juice added with soy sauce is known to be quite old and is widely used to treat hoarseness effectively as a natural remedy to treat coughs and restore lost sounds. The method is very easy to do, prepare a lemon or lime and slice it into 2 parts, then squeeze and mix the juice with enough soy sauce to remove the sour taste of the lime. Stir until smooth and drink regularly every 2 times a day. Treat hoarseness can also use a mixture of honey and lime. The method is the same with lime mixed with soy sauce. Here we use honey as a substitute for soy sauce to neutralize the sour taste of lime. In addition, honey is known to have many benefits and one of them is to treat hoarseness.

Drink more water
Hoarseness or hoarseness can also be caused by powder and a too dry throat, so drink plenty of water for a faster healing process. Drink plenty of water at least 8-9 (1.5 l) per day, water besides being useful in helping the recovery process of hoarseness is also beneficial for health in general, body fluids obtained from drinking water help carry fat deposits, harmful materials, chemicals , toxins or poisons and carry them out of the body through sweat and urine.

The fruit that has a reddish color can be used as a medicine for missing sounds. The trick is to consume pomegranate regularly until the sound returns to normal.

Quit smoking & alcohol consumption
Yes, if you are experiencing throat disorders such as hoarseness or hoarseness, it is necessary to pay attention if you are a smoker or drinker of alcohol, at least stop your habit when your condition is hoarse because smoking will actually aggravate the condition, it would be better if you stop the bad habit to your general health.

Use Mask
During the dry season, powder is easy to fly everywhere. In addition, the current issue of rain is also a virus that attacks the immune system is easily transmitted. Therefore, you should use a mask when you want to leave the house to avoid powder and viruses that cause disturbances in the larynx that cause the sound to disappear.

Betel leaf
Betel leaf since time immemorial is known to have many benefits, for example to treat pus and treat water fleas. In addition, ancient people also used to use betel leaf to remove body odor. Well apart from that, we can also use betel leaf to treat hoarseness. This is because the essential oil contained in betel leaf is anti-bacterial so that it can accelerate the healing process of hoarseness, besides that betel leaf is certainly safe to use because it is natural.

Aromatic ginger
Another way that we can try to treat hoarseness is to use kencur. This method is also widely used by dangdut singers. This is because the essential oil in kencur has anti-inflammatory properties so it is suitable for treating hoarseness. You simply chew kencur that has been cleaned previously and suck the liquid on the kencur which contains essential oils that help speed up the healing process, remove the pulp and see the difference, your throat will feel more comfortable.