Tips for Overcoming Stress in Minutes

Relieve stress in minutes – It is undeniable that stress is an inseparable part of life. Problems in life are often treated differently and the result is stress. Fast-paced and modern life does not necessarily make someone more adaptive or make someone more immune to stress, in fact more and more people are experiencing stress in dealing with various kinds of problems in their lives.

For this reason, many people always talk about how it is necessary to manage stress levels better because the impact and risks caused by stress are not only strong on health in general but also affect lifestyle. Someone who is more easily stressed is generally less productive, more easily down and not responsive in dealing with every problem in their life better.

Now is the time for us to take a stand, some simple ways are considered to be the most effective drugs in dealing with mild stress, so here are some simple ways to deal with stress in a matter of minutes.

A smile is a miracle not only makes someone better but also has a good impact on the people around you. Of course we don’t want to smile when we are stressed but believe that smiling will make your mood better. Even in psychology, it is said that there is something called facial feedback regulation, where our mood can affect someone’s speech and vice versa where words can also be strong on mood, so if you are experiencing stress, try to smile.

Just like smiling, laughing is much more difficult to do when we are stressed. But by laughing it will help our brain release a chemical called endorpine, a substance that is responsible for producing a sense of comfort, pleasure and happiness. Not only do they help us feel good, endorphins will also help improve our mood and fight stress hormones like cortisol.

Exercise and stretch
Physical activity greatly affects health, research indicates that someone who is active in sports has a lower risk of experiencing stress. So if you don’t have enough time at the office to exercise, then do some light stretching, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find your mood again.

Take a deep breath
When you are stressed, try to breathe more relaxed, take a deep breath, hold it and exhale. This method is a light relaxation and try to reduce your stress in a matter of minutes.

Do fun activities
If you’re under stress, try to listen to your favorite song that makes you feel comfortable, don’t worry about a song that’s restless and mellow, hehehehe…… Or you can watch funny videos maybe on Youtube that will make you laugh. With this activity it will help lower blood pressure and lower cortisol levels. Other activities that can make you feel comfortable and fun you can do by inviting your friends to sing, calling your friends, walking outside the house or outdoors, taking a walk in the park, drinking hot tea with family members or a partner and others.

Relaxation is making yourself comfortable. When you feel tired with your daily activities that can trigger stress, it’s good to make yourself comfortable with a warm bath, spa, sleep better, don’t stay up late and pray (close yourself to God according to your respective beliefs).