Tips for Overcoming Stress in Work Routines

Stress is a part of life that is inseparable from our daily lives, including work. Office tasks piled up, a lot of unfinished work, a slightly strained relationship in the office or a work atmosphere that makes you stressed. This, if you let it drag on, will certainly result in decreased productivity or performance. And if your performance decreases, of course it will cause new problems at work such as delaying career positions, cutting bonuses, achieving unfulfilled goals and others.

Stress at work can also be caused by pressure for more tasks or obligations, new tasks or new responsibilities that have been assigned to you. Stress is proven to make a person’s performance decrease in addition to other problems, namely stress is one of the triggers for health problems, so don’t let stress take control of our lives, including at work. Instead, we need to find solutions or tips on how to reduce stress at work so that your performance is not disrupted, more efficient and enjoyable. So to avoid stress at work, here are some tips you can do to minimize the risk of stress at work.

Good time management
Managing time better at work is one thing you can do to minimize stress at work. Don’t procrastinate even though it seems trivial and you can do it the next day. If you can’t manage time better then over time your work will be more and more piled up and in return you will feel that you will object to finishing it all at once if your work is tight to complete. Good time management will help you complete your task or work before the allotted time is tight. It will also help you stay organized and go according to plan.

Avoid Multi-tasking
Do not do the work together or all at once. Complete the work one by one first. Don’t do everything at once. To overcome this, make a list of what you have to do today. Doing everything at one time or all at once will only make you stressed, besides that the work will be less thorough or make a lot of mistakes.

Sometimes you need to say “no”
Don’t always say ‘Yes’ to tasks assigned by your boss. Learn to say no if you think you are very busy or the work given to you is too heavy for you to do, of course with good words and you have relevant reasons lest your refusal make you punished by your boss. Or say no to taking on the duties or responsibilities of coworkers (helping) if you yourself are troubled by your many tasks just because you feel bad.

Define responsibility
This is an important point to create a healthy work environment in the workplace. Employees should be detailed about their job duties and responsibilities. Also, encourage each other and make sure that each individual is responsible for their work assistance for the success of the organization. In this way the relationship at work will always run harmoniously and every individual in your work area knows their respective obligations and duties. This will help you minimize stress at work.

Learn to relax
Whenever you feel too tired or tired, try doing meditation, deep breathing exercises like this can help relieve stress. You can do this before you leave for work or you can do it on the sidelines of an office break. Meditation that you do well even if only for 5 minutes is proven to be able to overcome stress at work. Even 5 to 10 minutes of rest will help you to relax from stressful thoughts. Stand up from your seat and step outside for some fresh air.

Don’t demand too much
Knowing that the human body has limitations (unlike machines) cannot take many tasks in one day, therefore the workload must be in line with the abilities of the employees. Because putting too much stress on the job can result in a decrease in their productivity. Take time off or time off work properly for you to use the rest well.