Tips for Overcoming Stubborn Scars End of the Exhaust

Overcoming exhaust scars – This is for those of you who often use motorbikes, you will definitely experience burns because they come into contact with the hot exhaust of the motorbike. It feels very sore and then the skin swells with water and will usually feel sore or sore between 3-6 days. Now, the most annoying thing is when the skin surface has healed but will leave a burn scar at the end of the exhaust. This discoloration of the skin is usually caused by damage to the outer part of the skin tissue causing hyperpigmentation of the skin (skin discoloration caused by excessive production of the skin pigment melanin to stop the wound).

There are a few tips on how to make a final exhaust burn not leave a stubborn scar, but you should do it shortly after your skin is exposed to the exhaust (before there is damage to the outer skin tissue). The method is easy, as soon as you are exposed to exhaust heat, immediately apply the following ingredients to cover burns due to exhaust such as toothpaste, grated potatoes, grated cucumber, tomato slices, garlic (choose one only) then apply on the skin. Some of these materials cool the skin and make the skin comfortable and prevent damage to the outer skin tissue. Leave it on until it dries completely then clean with water, apply alcohol or a disinfectant to prevent burns from becoming infected.

Overcoming Stubborn Scars Due to Muffler

However, if you experience a severe exhaust gas burn, you must immediately seek treatment from the relevant doctor to get the perfect and immediate treatment. Now for those of you who have already experienced exhaust burns and left stubborn scars or are difficult to remove, here are some natural tips for dealing with stubborn scars from hot exhaust:

Using Olive Oil
Olive oil is efficacious for removing scars caused by exhaust, this oil can remove dead skin cells from exhaust wounds and can stimulate the growth of new skin cells. How to use it is quite easy, apply olive oil on the skin that has exhaust scars, do it every day so that the results can be maximized.

Using Garlic
Garlic is popular for its antioxidant, antibacterial (preventing further abscess) and anti-inflammatory properties. So it is very good for eliminating or camouflaging exhaust end burns. How to use it is quite easy, mash the garlic and apply it on the part of the skin that has exhaust scars, this method is quite effective in removing stubborn exhaust scars.

Using Tomato
Tomatoes are rich in nutrients that our bodies need. Tomatoes contain vitamin C which is very good for maintaining and boosting the immune system from free radicals (antioxidants), vitamin E which is expected for beauty and skin health, one of which accelerates the growth of new skin cells, and lycopene, a nutrient that is very nutritious, one of which is as a agent. anti cancer. The easy way to help lighten the scars from the exhaust is, thinly slice a tomato, paste it on the skin with the exhaust scar, do it 2-3 times a day on a regular basis, within a week the scars will fade.

Using tea soak
Green tea as we know contains high levels of antioxidants, this tea is also very good for brightening and fading exhaust scars. Use tea that is steeped all day (green tea will be very effective) to scrub the skin that has exhaust scars, do it 2-3 times a week.

Well, maybe that’s all I can say first about how to deal with stubborn scars from exhaust in a natural way, if there are additions, input or suggestions, please comment in the comment form provided below the post. Hopefully the article above is useful and useful for you, thank you.