Tips for Overcoming the Age Difference for a More Harmonious Relationship

Having a partner who is older in age is common. Some of those who go through this believe that couples who are older than their age will usually be more nurturing, more directing, more capable of educating, more relentless, more youthful and so on. However, there are some couples who often have problems with this, based on their large age difference, which often results in differences in principles and views, differences in maturity, etc. which often result in quarrels, verbal fights or fights.

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According to many studies, a woman experiences psychological development faster than a man. So usually women have more adolescent fatwas than men at the same age. Well this time I will share a few tips on how to deal with couples of different ages:

Facing Spouse Age Difference

Mutual respect for principles and opinions
Everyone has different fatwas and principles. Mutual respect and respect for the principles between partners will create a more harmonious kinship. We can’t force our partner’s principles to be the same as ours, again because everyone has different principles and opinions. Uniting different principles with the same future goal will create a more lasting and harmonious relationship.

Accept all the advantages and disadvantages of each partner
If everyone were to be asked they were detailed, it would be easier to find someone’s strengths than their weaknesses, right? It’s much harder to spot a partner’s flaws than their strengths. And the name is the age difference, of course, the lack of a partner will be more prominent. Appreciate and take advantage of each partner’s strengths and weaknesses to live more harmoniously.

A happy couple is a couple who appreciates every difference in building a relationship, covering up the partner’s shortcomings with our strengths and our weaknesses will be covered by the partner’s strengths, because ideally building a relationship is to complement each other because basically every human being is created with strengths and weaknesses. its own shortcomings.

Looking to a better future
Show that your kinship has nothing to do with age. Run as usual, regardless of the age factor and look at all the differences. Focus on living today by giving a sense of comfort and looking to the future better and that means there must be improvements towards a better goal.

Placing and positioning yourself well
It doesn’t have to be the parent who is more responsible, it doesn’t have to be the parent who is more nurturing or it doesn’t have to be the older one who offers attention. Everything has its own portion and must be positioned better. Thinking must be far ahead, so that he trusts and is comfortable with you. Show you both are able to take responsibility for each other, care for each other, help each other and care for each other.

Be wise in dealing with problems
The age factor as described in the top point will undoubtedly have many problems. If there is a difference of opinion, you must discuss it peacefully with him, listen to his opinion, and express your opinion in a peaceful and smooth manner. There is no such thing as feeling right, being selfish, not wanting to be blamed etc. Communication must be done more intensely in dealing with every problem so that the kinship runs more harmoniously.