Tips for Overcoming the Nervousness of Talking With Women

Talking to women is easy but what if you are confronted and have to talk to the woman you dream of or desire, it’s not an easy problem, right? It must be difficult to speak afraid of being wrong to say something wrong. Actually, it’s not only you who feel nervous when dealing with women, you will also feel that way if they have the same feelings as you.

Then how do you make the dialogue fun and you can start a dialogue with the woman you dream of, especially if she is a shy girl, so it’s wrong if you don’t talk, she won’t talk, so shut up. So, here are some tips for overcoming nervousness in dealing with the woman you dream of:

Tips for Overcoming the Nervousness of Talking With Women

The first thing you do if you feel nervous is to smile, smiling has been proven to be effective in making a tense atmosphere more comfortable. He will feel comfortable and will not hesitate to start the dialogue first.

Make it as comfortable as possible
You don’t need to open a good and quality dialogue, just start a dialogue that can be an example, just ask for news, ask for work or activities or other things. well if you do this then a more intense dialogue will open by itself.

Take your breath
naturally if you feel agrogy then your heart rate will increase as well as your irregular breathing. well if you experience this then regulate your breath well, breathe slowly and take a deep breath this has proven to be effective in making yourself feel comfortable, and of course if you feel comfortable it is certainly not difficult for you to open a pleasant dialogue.

Well, if you’re already in a relationship and don’t know what to say, then the best way to open a dialogue is to just praise her as an example. Women like to be praised but keep in mind that your pride must be relevant and visible so that he doesn’t think you’re just chubby.

Be yourself
Well the last thing is to be yourself, you don’t have to be someone else to make your girl memorable. Girls like who you are, so make yourself the woman you want to be. They certainly also want a man who loves them for who they are.