Tips for Overcoming Yellow / Brown Stains on Teeth

Whiten teeth naturally – Yellow or brown stains on teeth are caused by many influencing factors. Starting from hygiene factors, lifestyle factors, food and others. Yellow and brown stains on teeth that are left in the long term can cause dental health problems such as plaque and tartar. In addition, yellow or brown stains on the teeth of course cause a person’s self-confidence to decrease. Here are some of the most common factors that cause yellowish or brownish stains on teeth:

  • Genetic or hereditary factors
  • Health factor
  • Weather conditions
  • Use of high doses of chemical drugs
  • Consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes
  • Poor dental hygiene (rarely cleaning teeth)
  • Infection
  • etc

Well, from some of the above factors that we experience most often, namely because of the consumption of food or drinks that cause discolouring (changes in color) such as tea, coffee, and smoking activities. Teeth discoloration that continues to yellow or brown for a long time will be difficult to remove. So make sure to regularly maintain your dental hygiene and health on a regular basis such as brushing your teeth regularly at least 2 times a day, before going to bed and after standing up. Discolouring teeth will work very effectively when you are asleep so don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

Overcoming Yellow / Brown Stains on Teeth

If your teeth have turned yellow or brown from drinking too much tea, coffee or smoking, this time I will share some tips on how to naturally whiten your teeth to treat yellowish or brownish stains on your teeth, as quoted from Top Home Remedies:

Using baking soda
You can use good snack soda or baking soda to whiten your teeth and treat yellow or brown stains on your teeth effectively, but it’s important to note that you shouldn’t use baking soda for teeth whitening too often because using it too often and continuously can cause tooth enamel. chipping (thinning of the protective surface of the teeth). So use only if your teeth look yellowish or brownish only or a maximum of 1 time in 2 weeks.

The trick is to dilute half a spoon of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice, use it to brush your teeth as usual and rinse your mouth with clean water.

Using orange peel
Orange is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and high vitamin C. This content is not only found in the flesh of the fruit but also in the outer skin. In addition, orange peel is also very useful for whitening teeth and overcoming stubborn yellow or brown stains on your teeth. The trick is to brush your teeth using orange peel before you go to sleep, or you can brush your teeth with orange peel ash, namely orange peel that is completely dry and then finely ground to form a powder or powder. Use 3-5 times then you will be able to feel the difference.

Using salt
Salt contains many types of minerals which are very good for whitening teeth and overcoming yellowish or brownish stains on teeth, even salt mixed with charcoal ash has been used since ancient times to clean and whiten teeth. The mineral content in salt also helps coat the thinning layer of enamel. How to use salt to brush your teeth (without toothpaste) before you shower. Use 2 times a week so you can see the difference in 1 month.

Have you ever read or maybe heard that people in ancient times had white teeth and were influential until they were old, what are they secretly? According to some studies, their teeth are strong, white and free from yellow or brown stains because they are diligent in brushing their teeth using charcoal and brick ash.

Tooth cleaning food
Well, for those of you who like fresh fruits and vegetables, some of the following foodstuffs have benefits as natural cleansers for teeth as well as whitening and overcoming yellow and brown stains on teeth. Some types of food such as oranges, strawberries, all kinds of berries, kedondong, apples, pears, fresh vegetables (salads) etc.

Well that’s how and tips to whiten and overcome yellowish or brownish stains on teeth naturally, if you have input, please add it in the comments below the post. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.