Tips for Planting Flowers / Vegetables in Pots & Polybags

Planting plants in pots & polybags – For those of you who like gardening, this time I will share a little about how to grow plants in pots or polybags so that the plants thrive. Planting certain types of plants such as flowers or vegetables is an alternative for those of you who like the hobby of gardening but have a narrow or limited land. Suitable for those of you who live in urban areas that have limited or narrow land so you can still channel your hobby of gardening but still have an area to channel your hobby of gardening.

You can plant types of plants in pots and polybags such as flowers or types of vegetables such as chilies, tomatoes, mustard greens or other types of vegetables. Gardening gives you profits like providing fresh vegetables for your family to consume, increasing income if you are serious about it and at least channeling your hobby of gardening.

Planting Flowers / Vegetables in Pots & Polybags

Ok, on to the topic of how to grow plants in pots and polybags, at least you have to know how to prepare pots and polybags to plant certain types of plants so that the plants or flora you plant thrive and thrive. Here are some criteria that must be considered.

  1. Planting media in pots or polybags must be loose enough so that plants can easily grow well but still have an effect on plants so that they are not easily uprooted. That means the planting medium must provide good space for plant roots to grow well but also have a density so that plant roots are not easily uprooted from pots or polybags.
  2. The planting medium at least provides both micro and macro nutrients that will support the growth and development of the plants you plant. Nutrients are obtained from fertilizers, either manure or compost.
  3. Pots and polybags must have good porosity, meaning that they can store water as well as have good drainage (ability to drain water) and aeration (ability to carry oxygen). The planting medium must be able to retain soil moisture but must be able to remove excess water. A porous planting medium has an empty cavity between the material. The media is still permeable to water, so that water does not stagnate in pots or polybags. But on the other hand the cavities must be able to absorb water (hygroscopic) to be stored as a reserve and retain moisture.

Now after you know the criteria for planting media in pots or polybags, then next to prepare the materials you use for planting media:

  1. Pot / polybag
  2. Smooth & loose soil (no lumps)
  3. Fertilizer (can be manure or compost and bokashi)
  4. Rice husk charcoal or organic dust

How to make planting media:

  • Prepare soil that looks loose and fertile, preferably taken from the topmost fraction. Then sift the soil until it becomes fine grains. Make sure the soil is dry so it doesn’t clump. Clogged soil will result in the ingredients not being mixed evenly.
  • Prepare compost that has been cooked, can be of the usual type of compost, bokashi or manure. Sift the compost or humus so that it becomes fine grains.
  • Prepare husk charcoal, or organic dust (residual combustion from organic materials such as wood dust, dry plants or other).
  • Combine soil, compost, and husk charcoal in a container. The composition of the dough is 2 fractions of soil, 1 fraction of compost and 1 fraction of husk charcoal (2:1:1). Stir until evenly distributed.
  • Prepare a pot or polybag, put the dough into it. The planting medium is ready to use.
  • Before planting plant seeds, spray or moisten the plant media so that the plants or vegetables that you will plant are easy to grow.
  • Done.

Now it’s very easy, how to grow plants in pots or polybags. Good luck and hopefully useful.