Tips for Removing Ink, Oil & Paint Stains on Clothes

Tips for dealing with ink, oil & paint stains on clothes – Cleaning ink stains on clothes is an annoying thing, even after washing it several times, the stains don’t go away. Yes, if the shirt or clothes that are stained have the same color as the color of the ink, it doesn’t matter. the reason is that it may not be very visible, but what happens if the shirt or clothing that is stained is white, then the solution is only blue glue (throw away and replace the new one hehehehhe…)

But what if the stained clothes or shirts are favorite clothes or have their own memories, then you inevitably have to wash and clean the clothes that are stained with ink stains, so this time I will share a little about how to clean ink stains on clothes, shirts or your clothes:

Removes Ink, Oil & Paint Stains on Clothes

Using Acetone
Acetone is a nail polish cleaning liquid, so if your clothes are exposed to ink stains are still new or not too old then you can use this liquid to clean ink stains on clothes. The trick is to wet the ink-affected area of ​​the shirt first, then put these drops of acetone on the ink-stained area of ​​​​the shirt, let it sit for about 30 minutes. After that, rub the clothes to remove the ink that sticks to it until it disappears, then you can wash it as usual.

Milk solution
The milk solution contains lactose which in some people’s experience can treat ink stains on clothes. But it takes a rather long process, you have to soak the clothes in a milk solution then rub the clothes that are affected by the ink stains, if it’s still difficult, soak them in milk again and try rubbing them again until the ink stains disappear.

Egg whites
Now after some tips on how to deal with ink stains on the clothes above. Next tips on how to deal with paint or oil stains. Yes, maybe you are painting your house and then dirtying your clothes or your husband is repairing a damaged car or motorbike so that his clothes are full of oil stains, then how do you remove oil or paint stains on clothes? Well, there are a few tips to remove oil and paint stains on clothes, namely by using eggs. The trick is to take an egg and then break it, just take the egg white, use this egg white and rub it on the clothes that are dirty with paint and oil.

Rub and rub repeatedly until the stain is gone and soak the laundry as usual, that’s easy right! Hopefully the above article is useful for all of you. If you have another way, please share your experience via email form on contact us or sidebar email form, thank you.