Tips for Suppressing Emotions When Arguing With Your Partner

Tips to reduce anger when fighting with your partner – Friction, differences, opinions or misunderstandings are reasonable and often occur in a relationship, so that often fights or debates arise in a relationship. When a fight occurs, each partner will always feel that his opinion is always right and sometimes the clarity of one’s thinking in overcoming an argument is ignored so that the emotional level that overflows makes oneself less controllable.

As a result, it can have an unfavorable impact on your relationship with your partner. Quarrels in a kinship are indeed reasonable things to happen, but when a fight occurs there must be self-awareness of each partner so that the quarrel does not enlarge and cause a rift in a relationship. At least you have to think that emotions are not a solution, they will only exacerbate the problem.

To suppress these emotions, there are some pretty effective and perfect tips that you can apply. So, here are some effective tips to reduce emotions when fighting with your partner:

Trying to give up
Giving up does not mean your opinion is not right or not good, giving up will cool the atmosphere when the fight occurs and will reduce the problem so that it doesn’t get bigger. When you fight with your partner, it’s good to give up and clear your mind, don’t be provoked by emotions or your fight will get bigger. When the atmosphere subsides, communicate what the friction, difference of opinion or other problem that caused the fight arises.

Try to be a good listener
Quarrels generally occur because each partner feels the most correct with his opinion. Try to listen to complaints, opinions from your partner so that the risk of fighting is getting smaller if each partner is able to be a good listener. If your partner is currently high on emotion, and always expresses his defense, you should be a good listener and don’t interrupt your partner’s conversation, when they are finished with what they are talking about then it’s your turn to offer an argument gently. And remember, listen carefully to what he has to say, and respond more positively. It is intended that it does not cause embers in your relationship.

Trying to Be More Tolerant
Applying tolerant behavior towards your partner who is having a high level of emotion or “hot-hearted”, can be enough to be the perfect solution to cool and calm the atmosphere. So you can be more patient, tolerant, and try to put yourself in his shoes. So that this critical condition can be resolved immediately appropriately.

Avoid the words “True, False”
“I feel right and you’re always wrong” is an argument that couples argue. You or your partner should be able to avoid saying the words “True, Wrong, Win, Lose” in a high tone like assuming you are always right when you are fighting. Because the problem is not an arena for debate or competition that is looking for a winner, but rather to be solved or solved together. Therefore, hopefully it doesn’t make the argument even more, at least you and your partner can also avoid these words.

Avoid the words “Whatever, Always, Never, I hate you”
You need to know, that some words that need to be avoided when you are fighting with your partner are, “You Are Always That”, “It’s Up To You”, “You Never Understand”, and “I Hate You”. Where the use of these words will only exacerbate the argument with your partner. Therefore, even though these words are often thrown out in general, you should be able to not say them. So hopefully the business will be resolved soon, and your partner’s emotions can subside.

Always offer peace
When you or your partner often fight for a long time, and for a long time, then bad habits like that need to be removed immediately. And it’s good if you are the first to apologize, so that you and your partner don’t waste time that is not useful. And anger and emotions can soon subside, And your kinship can improve again.

Solve the problem immediately
If you and your partner have bad habits, like feeling satisfied with a ratification after a fight, then you should be able to show that there are no problems that need to be discussed and extended. That way, you will be able to make your kinship less tapered. So that the problem is also quickly resolved.