Tips for World Businessmen, How to Get Rich Quickly

Want to get rich quick, here are tips for successful business people – The meaning or definition of rich is a relative thing depending on who defines what wealth is. Most people will generally define that being rich is a life that is full of wealth and fulfilled all its needs without having debt. Seang wealth for motivators, businessmen or entrepreneurs is the ability to survive with the existing lifestyle without having to work. While we as ordinary people will say that being rich has all the luxurious things without debt, such as having many cars, houses or property, large land, having assets that produce (company or business).

So whatever the definition of wealth, we all agree that being rich means having many things (property, house, money, car, clothing, food, etc.) beyond what we need to survive. Rich is relative. Some people feel rich when they have Rp. 10 million, some people feel not rich when they have Rp. 10 billion. According to Forbes magazine, the rich are people whose income is above U $ 1 million per year. Meanwhile, based on Robert T Kiyosaki that rich is not how much your active income is, but rich if your passive income is greater than the cost of living.

According to research conducted by Gallup International states that the average Executive in Asia can only survive for 90 days with the existing lifestyle if tomorrow he stops working, after which they have to start selling their assets or continue to be in debt. Although the description is different for each person, there are those who say they want to live well, there are also those who do not have debt, some are just rich in heart, still rich, and many more.

If asked who wants to be rich, of course you will all answer in unison “I”, even I will raise my index finger when I hear the question hehehhehehe… Becoming rich, millionaire, billionaire whatever you call it is certainly not an easy thing as it sounds or like turning the palm of the hand, let alone just sitting idly waiting for the wealth to arrive (sounds impossible).

But of course wealth is also not impossible to get for those of you who want to work hard, never give up, diligent, passionate, smart in managing and collecting money, continue to study and pray. Because it is proven that there are many millionaires, billionaires who have sprung up even at a relatively young age. Well this time I will share a few tips on how to get rich based on business people, entrepreneurs, successful directors as quoted from Forbes Online:

Thrifty, smart and careful in managing money.
Being rich is not like you won the 1 billion lottery, which today you won, the next day the money is in your hands. Being rich requires frugality (no debt, no extravagance, prioritizing important needs, not extravagant). Always apply the adage that a little old will be a hill. Being rich is also not just enough to save money (saving and waiting for bank interest), but you are required to make your money grow big (investment) in business or business. After you have succeeded in building a business investment or struggle, the next process is carefully how to manage your money so that the money continues to grow and minimize losses in the business or business.

I’ve heard the story of Chinese people who are thrifty and careful in managing their money, even so they are so frugal that they are willing to eat porridge every day for the success of their struggle, and are often considered by people to be stingy. But it can be taken a lesson that money can be difficult but it ends up being very easy so if you want to be rich you have to be able to save money, it doesn’t mean like the Chinese reference, but save money by being able to sort out what is useful and not for us when using our income, I want to know With the Chinese, this is the Chinese way to get rich quick.

Try investing, not just saving
Saving is good to anticipate unexpected things (children go to school, you fall sick so you can’t work etc.) But if you only save with the desire to become rich, I think the chances are very small. You may hope that your money will continue to grow by hoping to get interest on the money you save, maybe true but bank interest is very small unless you save more than 10 billion. Business people suggest for those who want to be rich then invest your money to make it grow and continue to grow.

Many people are trying to get rich by saving, this is not wrong but saving is not perfect because your money will not grow, it is better for your money to try to use it for investments such as buying land, gold, strategic property, business assets and others that tend to have a selling value that is getting more expensive or increasing every time.

Stop prestige
People who have excess money tend to have a high sense of prestige, they feel they have to follow the lifestyle of the people above them by participating in buying luxury goods, such as buying a branded car, a nice house, branded clothes even though it’s not good, if it’s like that you will quickly run out of money before you actually create money generating for you. Did you know that Singaporeans can get rich quick, that’s because they are not interested in expensive sweets or luxury cars.

Stop debt
When you decide to be forced into debt, use the money you protect as well as possible, it can be for business capital. But remember don’t go into debt to waste money, develop the money and think about how to return it. Having a habit of going into debt for unnecessary purposes will keep you away from wealth.

Don’t stop learning
The businessmen who are proven successful in generating wealth, they never stop learning how to make money. How to get rich quick (in a good way) and get rich, that’s what you have to learn from now on if you want to live rich.

Get rid of everything that makes you not rich (success)
Wasteful, lazy, in debt, not thinking about the future and other bad habits. What you must maintain is your passion to make money, continue to always learn from successful and inspiring people, learn to get up quickly when you fall or fail and pray to God.

Start from now
If until now you have not been rich, that is the reason why you often postpone things that make you not rich. If you have a plan to make money, watch, observe, learn and take action from now on. Even a very brilliant plan to make money will still only be a plan if you don’t start carrying out actions to realize your plan.

It may sound absurd or it may sound like a lecture on TV. But try to pay close attention to who is poor because of charity, who will lose their wealth because they share it with others, on the contrary they will get richer because of charity. Take a look at Mark zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) Jan Koum (founder of whatsapp), Sergey Brinn (founder of Google), Richards Branson (owner of the business emperor Virgin Group) and many others they all love alms, have a foundation ready to help thousands of poor people , abandoned children, war victims, persons with disabilities etc.

As you know to celebrate the birth of Mark Zuckerberg’s first son (founder of facebook) Provide 99% of Facebook’s income over the next few years (worth millions of dollars) for orphans through the foundation he founded, even business empire owner Richards Branson owner of the Virgin Group (one of the richest person in the world) will donate and donate 90% of all his efforts when he dies through the charitable foundation he founded. So charity brings blessings.