Tips for Writing Unique & Original Blog Article Content

Write unique & original blog articles – Everyone can write and fill blogs with interesting article content. But not all blog or web owners can write unique, original and no copy paste blog articles. This time I will share a little about how to write a unique and original blog article. But before discussing further about how to write unique & original blog article content, I will first share what are the goals and benefits of being able to write unique and original blog content. And some of the advantages are:

  • Unique and original writings are very popular with search engines, no matter how good you apply SEO (search engine optimization) but everything will be in vain if all the content of your blog articles is duplicate content or copy paste articles. Search engines are now using advanced techniques in capturing or crawling keywords and unique, original and quality article fonts, so only blogs that present unique and quality content will rank in the top search engine SERPs. Search engine txt robots are now not what they used to be which can be manipulated with a few tricks. I’ve proved it myself because I also manage many blogs and web. You need to know that hundreds or even thousands of new blogs or websites appear every day, if you can’t present unique, interesting, original and quality article content, of course the blog or website that you manage will lose competition with other blogs. Julybe that is why we are diligent in writing articles and updating them every day but the number of visitors is not increasing but decreasing.
  • Writing unique and original article content opens up greater opportunities for you to make money on your blog or website, advertisers (any advertiser including Google Adsense) will only want and selectively determine blogs or websites that present unique, original and original article content. quality. You imagine for yourself whether you want to promote your blog on a blog that is all market articles and copy paste results, of course not right? Likewise, advertisers, both advertiser networks, affiliates, reviews and other advertisers, of course want their publisher friends to present unique and original article content.
  • Writing unique and original content can also build visitors. Visitors are certainly selective in reading blog articles whether their content is marketable or the same as many other blogs, irrelevant to what they are looking for, etc. Visitors who are satisfied with the content of the articles that you present will have the opportunity to return to the blog or website that you manage in the future (become visitors or loyal readers).
  • Writing unique and original blog content will train your skills to become a professional blogger. There have been many successful bloggers, both Indonesian and foreign, that I have followed were successful in the blogging world because they present unique and original article content. They are not only successful in becoming professional bloggers, have an extraordinary number of visitors, make millions and even hundreds of millions from blogging and are successful in inspiring other bloggers with their writings.

Julybe that’s just a few benefits for you blog or web managers that present unique and quality content, of course there are many more benefits that you get in writing unique and original article content. So, here are some tricks and tips on how to write unique and original article content.

Writing Unique & Original Blog Article Content

  • Write whatever your hobbies or ideas are, (if you write according to your hobbies or ideas, of course you will produce unique and original article content because each person’s hobbies, interests and ideas are different for each individual). Writing unique and quality articles is not only because you can present great content and look “genius”. However, your educative, constructive, and interesting experiences will certainly inspire others and make your articles interesting.
  • Write your article in your own language. You may see references (either from blogs or other websites, books or other media) and then write them in your own language after you summarize them.
  • Do not get used to copy and paste, if you are used to copying and pasting or stealing other people’s articles, of course this will become a habit. If it has become a habit of course it is very difficult to get rid of it, stealing other articles by copy paste or duplicating them will only create or eliminate your writing ideas in your own style.
  • Write an article about your experience and expertise, as I said in the point above that talents, skills, interests and experiences will certainly differ from one another, even if there are similarities, they will differ a little bit.
  • Train you to write, maybe at first publish it, your writing may look “funny and uninteresting” but if you write and practice writing unique and original article content every day, of course, your writing in 2 or 3 months will look professional.

Well maybe that’s a few tips and how to write unique and original article content. Of course I don’t feel “pretentious” to write unique and original articles. I will only write articles that can motivate, inspire and build. It would be an honor if our writing could do that.