Tips & How To Not Get Pregnant (Delaying Pregnancy)

How to delay pregnancy – Ideally every newly married couple would want to get pregnant immediately, but maybe because certain factors make many couples delay their pregnancy such as economic factors, health, birth tempo (birth spacing) etc., many couples delay their pregnancy. Apart from that all this blog team does not teach you or recommend those of you who are not married to share how not to get pregnant while having sex, these tips and methods are only as reference information for married couples but want to delay pregnancy due to the factors mentioned above.

Ok, back to the topic of delaying pregnancy, which basically uses a method or method so that the sperm cells of a male or teenage boy do not meet or fertilize an egg in a woman. So from this method, fertilization will not occur (fertilization will only occur if a sperm cell and a mature egg cell in a woman meet and the sperm cell can fertilize the egg). Here’s how to avoid getting pregnant (postponing pregnancy):

How To Not Get Pregnant (Delay Pregnancy)

Using contraceptives
Contraceptives are tools or methods of support to break sperm cells to fertilize eggs in women. Before using contraception, you should first consult with the relevant doctor to get the right information to delay your pregnancy. Because every contraceptive has its advantages and disadvantages so you get really accurate information to delay your pregnancy, here are some methods or methods of contraception that are commonly used:

Condoms are thin sheaths that are usually made of silicone, rubber or latex and have the elasticity to break sperm cells from meeting eggs in women. These condoms are commonly used to delay pregnancy and are used by men.

Oral contraceptive pills
Oral contraceptive pills or what we call it the birth control pill can also be used to delay pregnancy. This contraceptive is easy to use and prevents unwanted pregnancy effectively. These pills contain sufficient levels of hormones that help to delay the natural birthing process by acting on a certain level. Regular consumption of birth control pills prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries hence preventing pregnancy. Some birth control pills also secrete thick cervical mucus which acts as a barrier to prevent their sperm from entering the uterus.

Intra-vaginal bolus
A bolus is a large tablet that is manually inserted into the vagina. Intra-vaginal bolus is an effective, easy and convenient method of contraception for women. The bolus or tablet consists of a locally active spermicide called Nonoxynol. To use it the right way the bolus needs to be inserted into the vagina at least 20 to 30 minutes before having sex. After insertion the bolus melts and forms a creamy secretion containing the spermicide. During sexual intercourse, this cream layer contains spermicide that kills sperm that enters the vagina.

DMPA injection
Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate or DMPA injection is an injectable contraceptive that contains the hormone progesterone and is given every three months for intramuscular women. The injection is usually given into the upper arm and is considered a safe form of contraception.

Copper T
Copper T is one of the most effective forms of contraception for women which helps in birth control without any adverse side effects to be aware of. Intrauterine contraceptives or IUCDs are placed inside a woman’s uterus to help prevent unwanted pregnancies.

There are many other types of contraception that you can use to prevent unwanted pregnancy or delay pregnancy, but once again, you must first consult with the relevant doctor.

In a natural way
This has the same method, the difference is that if the method of delaying pregnancy above uses a method or support device, this natural method does not. That is by removing sperm cells outside before you ejaculate. This prevents the sperm cell from meeting the egg in the female.

Well, maybe that’s all I can say first, if you have questions, input and suggestions about how not to get pregnant to delay pregnancy, please comment in the comment box provided, our team will answer them for you according to credible sources. Hopefully the article above is useful and thank you for visiting.