Tips & How to Overcome a Fierce Boss or Boss

Overcome a fierce boss – In a career or job, there are often scratches or bad correlations between subordinates and superiors, and in this case, when you find a boss or boss who is fierce. It is something that does not make you comfortable or makes you feel at home if your company has a boss who is temperamental, always blames your performance and is often angry for no apparent reason. Of course this is very annoying and makes the work atmosphere uncomfortable.

A fierce boss or boss often scolds, berates you if you make a small mistake and so on. In conditions like this, of course, many employees decide to leave the office because it doesn’t affect the face of the boss or for a fierce reason.

Indeed, in a job the role and responsibility of the boss or superior is indeed big and dominant, but of course the boss or superior is fierce and often angry because they want the system of their subordinates to be better, more responsible and produce better performance in advancing the company.

Usually the main cause of this situation is due to the absence or lack of visible communication between superiors and subordinates. The reality is that in a work environment, a boss must be someone in the majority, but this often makes a boss arrogant and feels he is always right. Meanwhile, as a subordinate, you will certainly get its own pressure because of this situation. It’s a good idea to do some anticipation when facing the fierce boss, including the following:

Overcoming a Fierce Boss or Boss

Calm & Wise In Dealing With This
Make sure you stay calm and discreet in the face of a fierce boss or boss. Don’t let your emotions go too far, you have to think deep about this. A boss or boss who is fierce will only be fierce or arrogant when at work because their responsibility is greater in directing their employees to be better, so you have to be wise and quiet in this case. They scold you or be fierce not because they hate you but as I explained above they have a greater responsibility in directing and improving the performance of their subordinates.

If they hate you of course you’ve been laid off from your job right? Take an intensive approach and communication in dealing with your boss or boss who is fierce, this way your boss or boss will better understand your performance and your role in carrying out your work.

Active, creative and better
If you as an employee are able to display your performance that is more active, creative and better in the future, then there is no reason for your boss or boss to scold you even a very fierce or scary boss hehehehe…. Show better performance and performance than today to day and this you will easily achieve your achievements and is a good evaluation for your boss or boss. So that there is no reason for your boss or boss who is fierce to scold you because you are performing better, it’s not even impossible that you get a promotion, bonus and even become your boss’s “beloved” employee because of your good performance.

Avoid conflict
Avoid conflicts with bosses or other employees, bosses or bosses who are fierce at work are not necessarily fierce or scary in life outside of work. Fostering good correlation with fellow employees, with subordinates or with your boss or boss who is fierce will create a harmonious atmosphere in the work environment.

Better communication
Bad relationships between employees and superiors usually occur due to a lack of intensive communication. If you always communicate, consult at work with a boss or boss who is fierce then they don’t have to scold you because all problems at work have been handled well. You will not find many mistakes at work because you always communicate and consult with your boss or boss, while your boss is not angry because you carry out work instructions in accordance with the instructions of your boss or boss.

So maybe that’s all I can convey about tips and how to deal with a boss or boss who is fierce, remember that in the world of work, you will not be separated from scratches or problems between fellow employees and with their bosses or superiors. But don’t let these scratches stop you from achieving achievements in your career.