Tips & How To Overcome Heat On Android

Heat that occurs on Android generally only occurs in 2 sources, namely the battery and processor. The battery can heat up if the use of applications with large enough memory will absorb higher battery power and the battery output will be greater and cause the battery to heat up quickly, this can also be caused by using applications that are quite long or non-stop as a pattern to just play music, play games, watch movies etc. Both use applications that require large enough memory space even though the remaining memory is small enough so that the processor will heat up quickly, as well as an unstable signal that means it requires extra power to find a signal and in the end the Android processor will heat up.

Well this time I will share about how to deal with an Android that is overheating or overheating. Heat is a natural thing and definitely happens when using an operating system, be it Android, Windows, BBM, Mac OS or other operating systems, but the problem is when the heat exceeds the norm. Here are some steps for deal with heat on android:

How To Overcome Heat On Android

Using multiple apps at the same time
Well, large system usage is the most common factor causing heat on android either on the processor or phone battery. As a pattern, you play games, chat and text simultaneously without closing other applications. This will cause the android processor to work hard, resulting in large battery power and will eventually cause heat.

Under normal conditions, using an Android mobile phone can cause heat, especially if you use it in hot areas. it will obviously increase the temperature of the mobile so that it gets hotter, as a pattern you just use your android outdoors under the hot sun, or you are in a closed room that is hot, of course your android will also experience an increase in hot temperatures. Androids don’t come with cooler fans like computers or netbooks do so it makes sense for the heat to increase, but don’t use your Android phone in areas where it’s quite hot. Android that is too often overheated will be easily damaged, such as damage to the processor, circuit and PCB board.

Cell phone signal
If the signal in your area is developing and deflated, unstable and the cellphone has difficulty getting a signal, of course the components in it will work harder to get a signal. You should not use an android phone to surf the internet or browse for a while until the signal is really stable or easy to get.

Apps running in the background
Even though you don’t use some applications, they still connect with the Android menu and work under the screen. so use and install applications that are really important or you really need. Or if you really need a lot of applications, then don’t use them as widgets installed on the main screen or shortcuts. And always check running applications by closing applications running in the background using the android task killer.

Check the quality of your cellphone battery
Make sure you always buy original batteries that are recommended for use on Android. The original battery will withstand overloaded output power so that the battery is resistant to heat and does not generate heat. Battery life is also an obstacle, make sure to replace your Android battery if its condition has changed shape, is convex, can’t stand storing power that is quite old and not worth using. If the battery on your cellphone is old, of course it will quickly run out and cause heat. For this reason, replace the exhausted battery using the original battery according to the default battery capacity.

Dirty cell phone machine
A dirty android phone engine can also cause heat because a dirty engine will find it difficult to release heat to the material, so the engine gets hot easily. Usually android phones will be equipped with small holes on the casing, this is useful for removing heat from the android phone. To overcome this you have to frequently clean your cellphone from the sticky powder. Store the cellphone in a clean area, away from dusty dirty areas, dusty bags.