Tips & How to Study Effectively

If you want to learn effectively, you must have the will to learn not as a requirement. If you have the will you feel unburdened and do not feel compelled to learn, so you can easily get and concentrate on the lessons given and thus will easily enter your brain. The willingness to learn and the intention to learn things that are not yet known are ways of learning that are widely applied by people who are successful in the related fields they are studying. So here are some ways so you can learn more effectively:

How to Learn Effectively

Exploring is not just memorizing
Exploration is knowing everything that is not known with the power of reasoning. The method of thinking is not only effective for learning something but will also make someone have broad and creative knowledge. Julybe by just memorizing you will understand the formal lessons given but with the power of thinking you will master the lessons and practice in the field. Reasoning will make learning methods more effective and broaden knowledge, not only formal lessons but also informal lessons so that you will be more creative and independent.

Understand the material by studying the concepts, memorization is necessary but it would be even better if you could share the lessons you memorize more broadly starting from how it happened, why, what next, that’s the way of thinking that must be developed even though it takes a long time. long enough. Because when you live able to stand on your own feet later you need a lot of knowledge that you learned first, so if you just memorize it what if what you learn turns out to have a wider, more complex meaning… Like in the movie 3 idiots, there is an excerpt that it is true and gives us the message that “By memorizing, you can save your 4 years at university, but you have ruined the next 40 years of your life”

Trying to learn what you don’t know
Keep trying to learn things you don’t know, don’t be ashamed to ask for lessons or understandings that you don’t know. “Embarrassed to ask, lost on the road” Don’t just because you are a disgrace to ask something, don’t let you regret it in the future. Don’t be ashamed to ask if we can’t, don’t use the prestige of “fear of being called slow by friends” as an excuse, because things like that don’t make sense! Let other people think you are “slow” with questions that you make fun of the teacher, but prove that one day you are “fast” and prove to them that you excel.

Group study Yes, this learning method is still quite effective, by working together you can exchange ideas about lessons you don’t know or solve lesson dilemmas together, remember thinking with “many brains” is better than thinking on your own.

Love your lesson
As usual people who are successful in their fields, because they love their work. Likewise with ways to learn effectively, by loving the lessons you don’t like is an effective way of learning so that you can easily understand them without reluctance or feelings of dislike for a lesson. You can’t in physics (for example), but you really love this one subject. So with that love, one day will make you a great physicist, because something done wholeheartedly will produce satisfactory results. Now you can’t, but because of that love you learn it every time, wait for the sweet dream to arrive.

Look at the less knowledgeable people around us
By seeing less knowledgeable people around us, it doesn’t mean you can mock or think negatively about them, but rather to motivate yourself. See what you will receive if you are not diligent in studying and forget your purpose of studying. Your goal in college or school is to study as much as possible so that you become a knowledgeable person and make it easier for you to live in the future. So don’t forget your goal of learning and learning a lot from people around us who don’t want to learn.

Study and pray
Yes, it is true that there is a link between effective learning and prayer. It’s useless if you are knowledgeable but do not have good character. When you become a “person” later you can abuse your power, abuse your intelligence for bad things if you don’t instill good character from now on. Praying is also a form of our submission to God Almighty and motivates yourself to learn in a good way.

Learn regardless of Mood
I’m sure you have the mood to study if you are going to take an exam or will face a test. For that, keep learning without waiting for your mood to come, it’s true that the mood makes a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn, but if you wait for your mood to arrive, you can study only once a month hehehehe… If you can’t study without the mood then wake up your mood so that you can study well like the pattern of just studying in the wild or outdoors, study in the morning because your body and mind are still fresh, study with your friends, basically can raise your mood to learn .

Little but regular
Yes, learning is not an easy problem, it doesn’t mean that if you study all day with chemistry lessons, for example, it doesn’t mean you can impulsively study the lesson in 1 day. A little but regularly will have an effective way. 30 minutes per day studying will be more effective than you studying non-stop 3 days when going to the exam. The brain will be able to get a little lesson but regularly you practice learning. A belief that I feel is very wrong, “you have to study really hard, tomorrow there is a test” This is a mistake, we use mutual cooperation when going to the exam to take a break for the brain for a moment, it’s just when we usually have to be serious. The KS system (speeding overnight) is very damaging to our way of thinking, the reason is that it will only create pressure, not knowledge.