Tips & Natural Ways of Hijab Hair Care

Caring for your hair, women who wear the hijab, of course, need extra care so that your hair stays healthy and avoids various hair problems, such as hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff etc. How to take care of hijab hair, of course, requires more special care because the use of hijab certainly increases hair moisture, so if you don’t take care of your hair properly, the chance for hair loss and scalp problems will be greater.

Yes, every woman would want beautiful, shiny, healthy and elegant hair even though she uses the hijab as a hair cover, she still carries out her obligations as a Muslim woman but still pays attention to the health and beauty of her hair. Well, here is tips & how to care for hijab hair you exactly:

Natural Ways of Hijab Hair Treatment

Choosing the right hijab material
Yes, by choosing a good hijab material, it will help keep your hair healthy, as you know hair that is wrapped in an imperfect hijab material, the hair will be damp and often cause itchy scalp, easy hair loss, musty fish, dandruff etc. In addition, the hair also cannot get fresh air circulation because the hijab material is not right. Choose a material that is smooth and easy to absorb sweat, excess sweat that cannot be absorbed by the hijab material will make your hair oily.

Proper hair care
Caring for hijab hair properly and perfectly is like not using the hijab when your hair is still wet, tying the hair is too strong it makes your hair roots weak and the result is hair problems such as hair breaking easily, and hair loss.

Correct use of hijab
Yes, hijab is not only an obligation for you Muslim women but also of course the use of the hijab according to fashion but still does not reduce the values โ€‹โ€‹of religious teachings, so make sure you use the hijab during the day or if you have to linger in the sun for a long time, use a hijab that is not dark in color. a dark hijab will easily absorb heat that means your hair will be hot and increase the humidity in your hair, also make sure not to use a hijab that is too tight to show good air circulation for your hair, besides that make sure you use a hijab made of material that is easy to absorb sweat.

Take care of your hair regularly
Yes, hair that uses hijab does need extra hair and scalp care, shampoo your hair regularly and use a multivitamin for your hair. Do massage on your hair at least 2-3 times a week to improve blood circulation in your scalp. when you get home give your hair a break by removing your hijab (of course in your room) and tidying or combing it using a wide-toothed comb to make your hair more “breathe”.

When at home, you can take off your hijab and start pampering your hair to give it some rest. Leave hair untied when indoors, so hair can breathe, become fresher, and also healthier. This method is also more effective at minimizing moisture on the scalp which can trigger dandruff or hair loss. You can also treat veiled hair by using natural ingredients, such as hair masks made from aloe vera, and so on for external treatments.

Consumption of nutritious food
In addition to taking care of your hair from the outside, you also have to nourish it from the inside, you can do this by eating foods that have lots of nutrients for the health of your hair. The important nutrients that must be consumed are foods that contain vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, vitamin E and protein. These are found in green vegetables, fruits and nuts.