Tips to Get Rid of Procrastination (Time & Work)

– “Time is money” right? Time is really valuable, so make the most of your time. Successful people always manage time or use their time as best they can to carry out all the things they are responsible for, while lazy people will waste time and delay what they are responsible for. As you know, procrastination is one of the bad habits that is very self-defeating. Procrastinating will only waste our time. The time that we should use as effectively as possible becomes wasted just because of the habit of procrastination.

Procrastinating is tantamount to not respecting time. Yet time will never turn back. Julybe at this time you have not been able to feel the loss that you have experienced, but one day if the work has piled up and cannot be completed properly, then you will feel it. Procrastinating is synonymous with being lazy, even though it’s not just being lazy that can cause someone to procrastinate. But the factor of laziness is the most common factor that often makes someone procrastinate on time or work. Read also

. Well, here are some other reasons besides being lazy that make someone have the habit of procrastinating:

So how to overcome the habit of procrastinating time and work, here are some tips:

Find out the cause
By knowing the cause of your delay in procrastinating time or work, you will find a solution to overcome it, as a reference “if you delay procrastinating because you don’t know how to do it then ask your boss or colleagues so you quickly know what to do”. So if you delay procrastinating time or work because it is not a necessity, then imagine in your mind that it is a very important thing and must be done immediately. If you procrastinate a lot of time and work then after all your work has piled up and you have to finish, then you yourself will be overwhelmed with it.

Set a deadline or deadline
All things or work that is targeted or given a time limit, the work will be completed before the deadline or the maximum final deadline specified. As a reference if you have to do college assignments, then give a time limit or deadline for it, such as 3 days before the presentation or assignment is collected. It will be more effective if you write down the time limit or deadline and place it in an area that you can easily see, such as at your study desk or in front of your computer:

  • Make a detailed agenda for each task, when it must be completed, written in detail and specifically.
  • Create reminders through visual cues, for example, reminders on a calendar, adding items to a to-do list, or pasting them on your computer screen
  • If necessary, write down your deadline with a thick marker, on an A4 size paper

Request support as a reminder
ask for the support of those closest to you such as family, wife, friends or anyone to remind you when you forget or delay procrastinating time or work that is your responsibility. You can ask their support to remind you for example in quiet time, complete reports, complete certain tasks. It will be more effective if you make a promise or commitment as support to require you to immediately do your tasks or responsibilities, if you violate the promise of completing tasks on time, then you have to treat your friends to a movie or eat at a restaurant.

Get rid of your wrong mindset
A person will become accustomed to procrastinating time or work if they use the wrong mindset in their minds, as the following reference:

  • Ah, I’ll do it later and if I do it and it turns out to be wrong, then I’ll be the one who gets punished
  • Just let it all be complete first I’ll do it later
  • It’s going to be a while…. have a coffee first…. there’s still plenty of time
  • There’s still a long time, I’ll just do it when I’m short
  • etc
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Do it right away
Whatever is your responsibility, do it immediately even if you have plenty of time to do it. It’s better to think and work in a relaxed manner, but everything can be done before the deadline, than if you work with a chaotic mind because you are in a hurry. Get rid of the “I’ll do it later when it’s tight” formula… For some people, working when the situation is tight is actually fun and more toxic. But when we always use the squeeze formula, then we are maintaining a chronic procrastination habit. People who work with the habit of “the last minute” will usually be easily affected by stress.

Get rid of fears, worries and worries
Laziness, fear of failure, and many other feelings should be abandoned and start with action. For example, if we wait for the mood to exercise, we may have to wait months before it happens. If we immediately start walking briskly for 5 minutes, we will soon have a dream to run for 20 minutes. So, take action because it will make motivation. Read also overcoming was was, fear & worry excessive.

Motivate yourself
Motivation is what drives your subconscious to do something. Motivate yourself to get rid of the habit of procrastinating time or work as references “I can and I do it as soon as possible”, “If I do it immediately, then I will be successful immediately”, or “I will get bad answers if I procrastinate and my job”.