Tips to Improve & Create a Happier Life

Effective Tips to Make Your Life Happier – Most people will consider several things in life, namely happiness such as abundant wealth, work position or high position, health, having a beautiful wife or girlfriend, etc. indeed this makes most people happy, who doesn’t like having a beautiful wife or boyfriend who they can be proud of wherever they go, have a lot of money and can buy whatever needs they need or have a high position in a certain job or agency with lots of money. employees who respect them.

Then what together the definition of happiness itself? As quoted from the site, happiness or joy is a state of mind or feeling characterized by sufficiency to intense pleasure, love, satisfaction, enjoyment, or excitement. Various philosophical, religious, psychological, and biological approaches have been used to define happiness and choose its source. In fact, many improvements in life are made by many people to get a sense of happiness. If improving one’s living circumstances is not necessarily the secret to increasing one’s happiness, then what are the effective ways to increase one’s happiness in their life?

Sonja Lyubomirsky is a professor of psychology at the University of California-Riverside and she has spent most of her career studying happiness. “Research has gathered to conclusively suggest that a large part of happiness may be under a person’s control through the activities they choose and how they interpret and respond to situations in their lives,” he and postdoctoral researcher Kristin Layous write in Positive Emotions (Oxford University Press 2022). . So here are some effective ways to increase happiness as quoted from the site:

Always remember that life is short
Contemplating the end of life may seem like a backwards way to find happiness, but saying it may indeed be an effective strategy according to a recent study by Lyubomirsky. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) website, the average person living in this world is 65 years, how old are you now and are you going to spend the rest of your life on unnecessary things or to do things that make you happy.

Remembering that life is short is an effective way to find happiness, because you will be able to be grateful for this life. With gratitude to always enjoy life better then this will make your life happier. In the study conducted by Sonja, the study recipients were instructed to live the next month as if it were the last day of the year (remaining in their current city) and the researchers tracked their daily activities. Those in the first group reported higher levels of well-being and were checked and monitored during the four weeks of the trial, and two weeks after the study was completed. It was noted that their happiness increased over time.

It is easier to appreciate or be grateful for something (be it food, opportunity, time or resources) when it is limited because when resources are limited, it increases in value. By imagining time is getting closer to death, then the happiness to use time and opportunities will continue to increase in living the day. Good times will not last forever because there will be limited time that you can only use, namely “During Life”.

Think positively
One of the things that makes a person feel unhappy is because they are always haunted by a sense of worry, anxiety, worry, etc. If this anxiety and worry is left, it will gradually cause you to be easily stressed, easy to down and always think negatively. By always thinking real this will prevent you from always feeling anxious, restless or worried which in turn will make your life happier.

Sometimes get out of the monotony of life
As Lyubomirsky writes in his book, “even the most beautiful or important incidents are susceptible to a hedonic process of habituation, whereby they lose their emotional impact over time and through repeated exposure.” Now this means that even happy incidents will become commonplace when they are repetitive or monotonous. You need a vacation when work always fills your busy days, adjust to a new environment when you feel bored, more time with family or friends when you are stressed, create new activities or activities to fill your day and other fun things will make you happy. Your life is happier when you feel life is repetitive or monotonous.

Yes, humans are social beings who cannot live alone, they will still need other people to survive. “People who took steps to have more friends, family members, or were more connected or socialized in the community were noted to have higher levels of happiness compared to those who carried out daily activities alone or those who were reclusive, socializing. is a good step for the fulfillment of mental health in this case happiness, “wrote the researchers. (Also read tips to improve mental health) “So, focus on having friendly relationships with the people around you and being able to help others this will make them more grateful for what they have, and this will make your life happier.”