Tips to Increase Online Shop Web Sales Turnover

How to increase online store turnover – Online shop or online sales via online stores is currently a type of online business that is on the rise. Of course, because income from online stores is more efficient and can generally be up to 80%, it does not require a place capital cost, anyone can do it and does not require large capital (reseller). Whatever type of online business that exists on the Internet, it definitely requires a busy or large user or users to get a large turnover too, including this online shop. It’s the same as trading or selling offline you need a lot of buyers so that you get a big profit.

Online stores really need certain factors that are strong on sales turnover because online stores provide goods unlike offline stores, if offline stores provide goods that are directly visible, prospective buyers can try them, hold them and can pay for them after an appointment in cash or cash is being an online store different from that. Online stores must really “provide the best service” to get visitors, because generally there are 4 problems why prospective buyers are reluctant to use online stores:

  1. Prospective buyers do not have high confidence (doubtful credibility) in online stores
  2. Difficult to use navigation in online store
  3. Difficulty with payment & package receipt problems
  4. Don’t know the online shop yet because of the lack of promotion

It’s no longer behind the scenes that online stores that survive and are able to increase the number of targeted visitors can get a turnover of up to tens or even hundreds of millions every month. Well this time I will develop tips from my friends who are experienced in the world of online shops:

Tips to Increase Online Store Sales Turnover

Competitive price
Prices are very competitive in online store competition as well as offline stores in general. Try to imagine of course you will look for another store if you find an item from a store that says the price is too expensive. The high price is usually caused by the problem of shipping costs borne by the seller. So make sure you say a price that is quite competitive with similar online shop competitors, but you still get a profit, it would be better to make a profit of 1000 rupiah but continuously than a profit of 100 thousand but 1 time. If you are a seller who uses a reseller system or resells goods, then look for sweet items at low prices at trusted suppliers, so that it will build your online store brand, get a profit margin that does not disappoint from the difference between the reseller’s original price and the price you sell.

Easy to use online shop
Online store security is important, but don’t let it make it difficult for consumers to use online stores such as filling out this form, having to enter captcha, having to verify email, etc. It is certain that buyers run and look for online stores that are widely available on the Internet that are easier to use. Also adjust the pages, templates and web structure of the online store, which is easy for your users to use, lest the navigation on the web of the online store make your potential buyers nervous and difficult to use.

Trusted online shop
The number of fake online shops and deceiving prospective buyers, it is inevitable that honest and truly trusted online shops will also be affected. The decline in sales turnover is due to many potential buyers who are afraid of being tricked. But if you can really maintain honesty, trustworthiness and your online store brand well then it will build regular customers or buyers on your online store website, and if they are satisfied they will refer your online store to their friends, family or friends. to buy in your online store.

Best service
As I explained in the points above, customer service and trust in your online store is an increase in turnover and an increase in free promotions through customer testimonials. Those who get the best service in your online store will spread good news about your online store to their friends, friends or family. What things usually make people comfortable shopping at an online store? Believe it or not, the service factor is a consideration for buyers. Friendly customer service, product knowledge, fast response, will certainly make potential buyers steady for shopping. One form of good online store service is to also pay attention to the selection of expeditions for shipping goods! Don’t choose a fake one… Choose one that’s fast, on time, neatly packaged, etc.

Expand your marketing
We all know that increasing sales turnover is the same as expanding the marketing area, attracting the largest number of visitors and expecting potential buyers to make as many transactions as possible. Well, one way to make more transactions possible is to increase the number of online store visitors by expanding your market. The more people who know about your online store, the more likely your online store turnover will increase.

Take a look at the big online stores and in a relatively short time their online store is growing rapidly, it can’t be separated from the promotions they apply. They will not hesitate to pay any amount of promotion but the perfect target. Because a perfectly targeted promotion will also increase the number of targeted visitors. What are targeted visitors? Targeted visitors are visitors who have an interest in your promotion so that these visitors have a great opportunity to buy or use your services through the promotions you do. You can do promotions for free, yes for free…. Take advantage of the large number of users of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM by promoting your online store. You can also plan carefully to use promotions that are more effective in attracting targeted visitors, namely using paid promotions such as advertisements in electronic media, printed media or online media such as Google Adwords.